Cadillac Claims He’ll Be Ready For Season

June 18th, 2009

There were a lot of things that made Joe want to throw up watching that loss to the Raiders last season. The worst may have been when Cadillac Williams suffered his second knee injury in as many seasons.

It was almost a miracle that Williams came back last year; a testament to how hard he worked to get back to playing condition. With that in mind, Joe — and Cadillac — have high goals for this season.

Vacation Man of writes that Cadillac is telling those who will listen he will be ready by the time the regular season begins.

Running back Cadillac Williams continues to say he’ll be ready for the start of training camp as he recovers from his second major knee injury.

Joe has written this before and will write it again: Expecting Cadillac to return is unrealistic. Expecting him to return to his previous self might be a reach. But if he can come back and if he can be productive, it’s not a stretch to suggest the Bucs will have a dominant backfield, the best in the NFL.

One Response to “Cadillac Claims He’ll Be Ready For Season”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I give odds on Cadillac returning to his 2007 form the same odds I give GM being #1 in sales again – slim to none.

    At best we can hope that Caddy comes back and is resurrected as a Malibu which sucks because we wanted a Hummer! 🙁