Bucs Offense Could Be Lights Out

June 26th, 2009

Antonio Bryant is one of the reasons Bucky Brooks thinks the Bucs will have a dominant offense.

Bucs fans have reason to be apprehensive about the upcoming season. With an unsettled quarterback situation and a scary (in a bad way) looking defense, there’s no reason to be overly excited.

But Bucky Brooks of NFL.com is geeked about the potential of the Bucs offense. The way Brooks writes, the Bucs have a shot of having one of the best offenses in the NFL.

With an offense incapable of scoring points in bunches, the Bucs were forced to play a ball-control style that put the onus on their hard-hitting defense to keep the score down for the team to win games.

However, that philosophy may be a thing of the past with new offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski assembling a potential juggernaut. Jagodzinski, who arrives in Tampa after compiling a 20-8 record as the head coach at Boston College, is set to unveil a dynamic offense anchored by a downhill running game and a big-play aerial attack. As a proponent of a zone-based scheme, Jagodzinski is intent on building a physical rushing attack that punishes defenses between the tackles. He was part of the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff that built a league-leading running game behind the scheme, and the team’s athletic offensive line positions the Bucs to have similar success utilizing the system.

In revamping the team’s passing game, Jagodzinski will feature a vertical passing game designed to take advantage of the eight-man fronts that defenses will use to defend the Bucs’ potent rushing attack. With single coverage on the outside, the team will look to take more shots down the field, which should yield bigger plays in the passing game and result in more points.

While Jagodzinski’s brilliant command of the X’s and O’s should fuel the optimism in Tampa, it’s the wealth of talent at his disposal that has the Bucs primed for an offensive explosion.

The problem with an offense built on vertical passing is that you have to get the ball to the receiver. Does anyone with a sober mind think a quarterback who averaged over an interception a game as a junior last year will suddenly not have a problem with NFL defense?

Joe sure isn’t of that mind, and he’s yet to have a beer.


One Response to “Bucs Offense Could Be Lights Out”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    So now Joe thinks that Josh Freeman will start?

    Mr Lucky still holds hope that Luke will use the force and win the starting QB job.