Bruce Almighty = Capologist

June 6th, 2009

When the Glazer Boys dumped Chucky and Bruce Almighty late on a Friday afternoon in January, Joe was more bummed out that Bruce Almighty lost his job than Chucky.

It seems has crunched numbers and determined that no one in the NFL did a better job with the salary cap than Bruce Almighty did with the Bucs.

As you look at the Efficiency Ratings, the team that stands out to me is the Bucs, who rank second despite just nine wins in 2008. The Bucs fired their General Manager, Bruce Allen, who was responsible for salary cap management and contract negotiations; the tremendous work that Allen did in Tampa Bay wasn’t enough to save his job. (At least someone got recognized for the good work: Allen’s salary cap assistant, Kevin Demoff, left the Bucs to become Executive VP of Football Operations for the Rams soon after Allen was let go.) If you’re a club looking for a front office executive, given the job he did in Tampa Bay, Bruce Allen is a name you’d have to seriously consider. The metric that stands out about the Bucs is the fact that they rolled over a whopping $25 million of 2008 cap space; this rollover credit put their 2009 cap in excess of $153 million.

From what Joe hears, the Glazer Boys told Bruce Almighty to fire Chucky and he refused, falling on his sword for Chucky. Joe wishes the Glazers Boys would have given Bruce Almighty a promotion, something like “Vice President of Finance” or some such thing where Bruce Almighty would be a capologist and someone else would be in charge of football operations.

After all, Bruce Almighty’s draft picks, for the most part, were subpar.

3 Responses to “Bruce Almighty = Capologist”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    gee…….one would think BA knew the history of the last GM that did not carry out the owners wishes…’s not so simple JOE….it’s not just the cap… BS screwed the pooch in assembling the roster over his reign….Gaines Adams the grinning fool over AD Peterson

  2. Mike Says:

    20/20 hindsight on Peterson. The Bucs had already invested beaucoup bucs on Cadillac Williams, they couldn’t afford to throw more top 5 $$ at the same position. After his rookie year, who could predict he would suffer two major knee injuries? They knew Rice was on his way out, and thought Adams would be the one to replace Rice’s sacks. So far, that hasn’t panned out either, but let’s see what Bates can do with him before writing him off as a total bust.

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Maybe the Glazers owe Bruce Almighty a c-apology. As for Gaines, tis the season to make it or break it. I think he’ll finally get his 10 Sacks. If not he should get 1 Crock and return about $40Mil.