Biggers The Blogger

June 16th, 2009

Joe first learned through Woody Cummings Bucs blog on that Bucs rookie defensive back E.J. Biggers is part of the blogging community. Biggers blogs on something called

Thus far, Biggers has only posted one item. It didn’t expose anything or shed much light into his world. But a reader can tell Biggers is pretty happy to have been drafted by the Bucs.

The Bucs are a team that has always been known for their defense and to be a part of that is great. Being a rookie, whether you’re picked in the 1st round or 7th, everyone is an underdog and you have to fight to get to the top. At every position there’s a guy who played there last year and wants to stay there.

What will be interesting is if Biggers can blog during training camp. Joe would love to see perspective coming from a rookie fighting for a job. Even more interesting would be the Bucs coaches’ reaction to Biggers blogging during training camp.

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