Are Braylon Edwards And His Drops Coming?

June 1st, 2009

Despite Raheem the Dream’s courtship of NRA spokesman Plexiglass Burress, Vacation Man of strongly hinted the Bucs are “sniffing” around a bunch of veteran wide receivers in addition to Burress and washed up Marvin Harrison.

Vacation Man even invoked hands of glue Braylon Edwards of the Browns.

Matt (DC): What are the odds the bucs land burress

Vacation Man: Don’t get carried away on that one. They’ve got to wait to see how his legal situation plays out. There are some other veteran WRs out there and I hear they’re doing some sniffing around.

The Doc(Dade City): What do you think the chances of the bucs trying to make deal for a big name receiver like plex or maybe boldin might be?

Vacation Man: Possible. But keep your eyes and ears open in the near future. I think there’s another veteran WR they might be more interested in.

Calvin, VA: HEY PAT, don’t leave us hanging! Which receivers have you heard the Bucs are interested in?

Vacation Man: I don’t have enough to report it yet because it’s only preliminary, but they’re doing homework on some others. Think about who else is out there or might be out there.

Craig,Coopersburg,PA: is it Marvin Harrison?

Vacation Man: Might be one of a couple to keep an eye on.

Ben (Fresno, Ca): Braylon Edwards? Bucs seem to like dealing with the browns.

Vacation Man: I’ve heard some rumblings of that being at least a possibility, but not at the forefront right now.

Joe wouldn’t opposed to getting Edwards (and his drops) so long as it’s dirt cheap. But all this talk of getting a receiver is no longer a smokescreen to Joe; the Bucs are not happy with their 11 receivers.

Either that, or someone at One Buc Palace expects Antonio Bryant to pull some kind of a stunt and hold out for a contract extension.

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