“This Isn’t Just About Football.”

June 22nd, 2009

A young camper asks Kellen Winslow, Jr. a question during a break Sunday at Winslow's youth football camp held at One Buc Palace.

It was a hot afternoon on the fields of One Buc Palace yesterday. But there was a reprieve: a large tent.

In the shade of the tent were hundreds of kids, all campers, football campers.

All had come to learn football  from not just local high school and youth coaches, but from no less than Kellen Winslow, Jr., one of the newest Bucs.

“It’s something I did last year in Cleveland,” said Winslow, who also told JoeBucsFan.com he wants to coach high school football after his NFL days. “I’m here now so I wanted to do it in Tampa. I just want to give back to the community and this is the first step.”

It was shortly after lunch and the kids were wired. But when Winslow showed up he quickly got their attention. For a moment.

Kids being kids they began to act up. But Winslow scolded them with a little tough love, threatening to end his chat unless the kids behaved.

Winslow’s talk wasn’t about blocking techniques or tackling or how to properly carry the ball. It was about life, respect, honor, grades and family.

“Does anyone want to be a leader?” he asked. Arms shot up. “Do you know how to be a leader? Do the right thing all the time.”

Winslow went on to ask how many kids sit in the back of the class. More hands were raised. Winslow told the story about how he too wanted to do that in school so he could fool around. His grades suffered and he had a penance to pay with his father, Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow, Sr., when he got home.

“I got my butt whipped.”

Winslow told the campers to sit in the front of class. If they are made fun of, so what. They’ll be the ones with better grades and a better life.

Campers were required by Winslow to answer “Yes sir” to the coaches and camp staffers and look people in the eye. And more importantly, listen when spoken to. If they had a question for Winslow, they were required to stand, state their name, and then ask a question.

But it wasn’t all tough love and tough talk from Winslow. One youngster wanted to ask a question but was too shy to speak. Winslow flashed a warm smile at the child, bent over and looked right at him as if to say, “I don’t bite.”

Winslow was bluntly honest with his answers. One camper asked if he wanted to get drafted by Cleveland. “No,” Winslow said. “I was young in the head. I was selfish. I wanted to be drafted by the Redskins.” He noted that some of the things that happened in Cleveland were because of immaturity.

“I’ve got a second chance now.”

Winslow also told the campers to do as they are told by their parents and respect their moms and dads. Work hard in the classroom, work hard on the football field and doors will open for them, opportunities will be available.

Just like on the practices fields, little things add up to big things.

“This isn’t all about football,” Winslow said. “This is about things off the field and how to handle yourself as a man and as a human being.”

7 Responses to ““This Isn’t Just About Football.””

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:


    Thank you for bringing articles like this to our attention.

    In a world of gun-toting, helmet wielding, QB whining, attention getting NFL players hearing about Kellen and his involvement with the next generation is truly touching.

    What’s funny is that everything Winslow discussed isn’t applicable to just the kids but everyone – having respect and working hard. We just don’t hear it enough and especially from those who have a public “bully pulpit”

    My only wish would be that MORE Bucs would join ranks with Winslow (and fellow Bucs Brooks, Dunn, Alstott etc.,) and give back to the Tampa community

  2. Joe Says:

    You are welcome Mr. Lucky.

  3. Mike Says:

    Good article Joe. Glad to hear the other side of players that people often dont see. Winslow sounds to be a good hearted man, and cant wait to see what he can do on the football field. People dont realize what this means to the kids, awesome to see someone new in the city already be giving back to his new home. Kudos to Winslow!

  4. JK Says:

    I hope Winslow doesn’t drop a game saving touchdown pass, but if he does blame it on who ever is quarterback that throws it next season or better yet blame it on Gruden. He isn’t there any more. Blame next season on anyone but the Glazers because they don’t deserve it. They are saving all that cap money for the fans. Not themselves. It’s for all of us that follow the Bucs. God bless them and all the money they hold on to. As Winslow said it’s never about the money is it? I am so glad he is the voice of our youth. I will remember this post during the season when it all falls apart and Mr. Winslow is blaming the quarterback along with the media. I will remind you of this posting.

  5. e2 Says:

    Hey JK, you are a retard. Here is a question for you, what have you done to give back to your community? Prob the same as me, nada damn thing, but I’m not bashing people that do give back. Maybe you rather have Winslow make it rain in a Tampa strip club? He’s trying to start over for god’s sake, how about you give him a chance? Let’s say you are right and predict the future JK, do you honestly believe everyone will look back on your blog and see you as a profit? No one cares what you think you know or we’d go to JKbucsfan.com. Don’t be a Jackass to a man you don’t even know let alone one that hasn’t been given a chance yet. How about when Winslow catches a game winning TD and credits his team vs himself, then what will you say?

    – a truE Bucs fan

  6. Mike Says:

    well said E2

  7. JK Says:

    I can’t wait for opening day!!