What About Crowell’s Knee?

May 23rd, 2009

Yeah. Yeah. Joe read the story in the St. Pete Times today about new Bucs linebacker Angelo Crowell living in poverty with his parents and siblings for part of his youth. Nothing extraordinary there. Join the club.

Joe doesn’t get off on those stories unless they’re really unique or gripping, like Warrick Dunn’s.

That aside, Joe would like someone in the MSM to step up and write a real story about Crowell’s unique knee surgery from which he still is recovering eight months later, not just continue to gloss over it like it was a routine ACL or something like that.

Joe offered an account of Crowell’s injury from the Buffalo News months ago, and more research leads Joe to believe there may not be another NFL player who has gone through this procedure to repair extreme chondromalacia.

Of course, Joe is pulling for Crowell to return to his 2007 form. The Bucs desperately need him. But nobody can assume Crowell is fine and dandy until he plays a couple of preseason games.

If the MSM won’t look deeper into Crowell’s injury, Joe promises to deliver next month.

8 Responses to “What About Crowell’s Knee?”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Watching the Bucs.com video the other day that showed Crowell on the field, clearly showed he still has a slight limp. Still has a little time.

  2. Roy Cummings Says:

    Guess you missed my story on Crowell in Wednesday’s Tampa Tribune. It’s still availabe online at TBO.com. Crowell says he’s past the “testing” stage with his knee and is feeling very good. He’s even doing special teams work.

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    We’re honored to have your comment, Roy, if that’s in fact you. Didn’t miss your story at all. It was very nice. However, your story along with others about Crowell, did not delve into the uniqueness of this inury, which has largely been shrugged off in most stories.

    In fact, your story didn’t even say what the injury was, only “damaged cartilage,” which isn’t really the scope of the injury and is typically repaired with a arthroscope and the guy is back in 4 weeks, yet Crowell isn’t ready after eight months. Would love to see somebody really let the Bucs fans know more definitively what kind of medical challenge Crowell has before him, considering he’s such a critical piece to the defensive puzzle. … … We’ll do it here if nobody else does.

  4. frye Says:

    It’s a media battle royale. True Joe. Torn cartiledge is usually less than a month. Now you’ve got us worried

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    Blah blah blah. Special Teams, whatever. Watch the video on Bucs.com, you can clearly see him favoring the leg, even slightly limping. You were at the practice Roy, couldn’t you see it? There may be no pain but he has a hell of a lot to gain. Honestly Roy, I’ve been spending much more time reading TampaBay.com, PR, & JBF.com. No offense, but the TBO reports have been getting very stale, for a while now. Maybe if you shadowed Stephen Holder for a day, it might help. Stephen and Rick will both engage the bloggers in discussion and it gets heated at times. You should try it. Lord knows they bash your reports enough on your site. Defend yourself Roy. GO ahead, reach up there with your hands, mess up your hair, and get down and dirty with the fans. Make em feel like they were in Hell’s Kitchen. If not you can always come to JBF.Com and do it here…in the closet. hahaha…

  6. dave Says:

    Eveything you write is negative. You’re no different than the MSM that was bashing Gruden for years.

  7. Cherry Says:

    Not sure what’s negative here. Joe wants the full story on Angelo Crowell. Uh, so do I. …Oh, that’s right. you’d prefer we all buy our tickets and smile and cheer at everything and laugh and sing and hold hands and cheer and laugh and sing and dance and eat cake and buy jerseys and laugh and hug.

  8. Joe Says:

    >>> Oh, that’s right. you’d prefer we all buy our tickets and smile and cheer at everything and laugh and sing and hold hands and cheer and laugh and sing and dance and eat cake and buy jerseys and laugh and hug. <<<

    And… equally important, buy ample quanities of $8 beers!