Somebody Needs A Calendar

May 29th, 2009
You would think with easy access to the Bucs cheerleaders calendars these guys would know whats going on with their NFL team.

You would think with easy access to the Bucs cheerleaders calendars these guys would know what's going on with their NFL team.

Joe’s not going to make much of a comment on this. But it should disturb any sober Bucs fan, and it certainly has Joe appalled.

Rick Stroud, of the St. Petersburg Times, noted that the Glazers Boys are proud that their English kickball team was playing in some sort of game of import (allegedly) this week. Mind you this team is swimming in more red ink than General Motors and the New York Times combined.

As a result, the Glazer Boys invited Bucs general manager Mark Dominik to this kickball game that took place Wednesday, so Joe is told. Joe will let Stroud tell the rest.

Coach Raheem Morris said he also was extended the invitation.

“I was invited, too, but I had to work,” Morris said.

So the Glazer Boys didn’t know Raheem the Dream and the Bucs had OTAs this week? And people wonder why the Bucs don’t have any cash.

Your thoughts…

3 Responses to “Somebody Needs A Calendar”

  1. JK Says:

    Joe, I think they have more passion for their kickball team than they do the Bucs. If I’m not mistaken soccer has more fans and is viewed by more people than any sport on the planet. That being said we live in the good ole USA and football rules. It is pretty obvious to me they have changed their allegiance to Manchester United. Why others refuse to see it is beyond me. I’ve followed the Bucs since 78 and hated watching year after year what Culverhouse did to the franchise. Money first, winning second. They are so far under the cap it’s not even funny. They have quit pursuing any players that might help them back to the playoffs. They need to sell the franchise and get someone in charge that wants to win championships. Period! Championships are what it’s all about. They are trying to hire just enough talent to compete for the NFC South. As long as the Cits stays full on Sundays that’s what we will have year after year. However the majority next year will place all blame on the quarterback win we go 5-11. I hope I have to eat these words but I don’t think I will. One last question. Is Mike Clayton our highest paid player?

  2. Joe Says:

    JK was so angry that he forgot to use the “enter” function for a new paragraph!

    It’s starting to look this way isn’t it JK? Possibly because the Glazer Boys have more (cash) to lose on their kickball team? Hard to lose cash on an NFL team. That’s like owning a casino.

  3. JK Says:

    Sorry about my writing Joe. I do the best I can. I start rambling and I can’t stop. I will try to do better but no guarantee. What about Clayton? Is he our highest paid player?