Son Of Bob May Have Signed His Release

May 11th, 2009

The moment the Bucs signed bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman, Joe quickly tried to console himself with the fact that Son of Bob is all but gone.

Joe has documented how Son of Bob has not shown his face around One Buc Palace in the offseason and that general manager Mark Dominik wants players hanging around One Buc Palace.

Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times reports that Son of Bob, who clearly needs no work to polish his Hall of Fame credentials nor needs extra time to study a new offense, has told the Bucs he will not attend the team’s next OTAs scheduled to begin Tuesday.

The full-squad workouts are voluntary. But team officials and Griese’s agent, Ralph Cindrich, say they do not expect the 34-year-old veteran to begin competing this week with four other quarterbacks on the Bucs roster — Luke McCown, Byron Leftwich, Josh Freeman and Josh Johnson.

The Bucs plan to take four quarterbacks to training camp and Griese is not expected to one of them. But Bucs still believe Griese could have trade value and may elect to hold onto his rights through the off-season in case another team suffers an injury at quarterback.

Ppppfffttt. The only person demented enough to trade for Son of Bob is in hiding (when the NFL Network isn’t cutting him a check) with Tim Marcum over at the Ice Palace: Chucky.

This tells Joe that he better get his beer iced up in preparation for a celebration he’s been waiting on for two years running: Son of Bob’s pink slip.

7 Responses to “Son Of Bob May Have Signed His Release”

  1. kmattin Says:

    Thanks for this article. Your site is providing daily NEW ARTICLES!!! I don’t know if you have a subscription fee or not, but if you do, I will gladly join. The other site I belong to and have relied on for years to let me know what is going on, has slowed down to a snails pace. Where do get your up-to-date articles? They seem wait forever before putting anything new out.. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. crease22 Says:

    Uhh, they’re called links. THinks its pretty obvious that Joe takes everybody else’s work and gives his opinion on it. Then Joe writes his own stuff in between. Not a tough concept.

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yes, but it is entertaining, and Joey Bagobucs has the best pics of the Buc sites. But you know Joe, there are better, more revealing pics of your sweet Carmelita on the internet. I don’t know if that would help or hurt your ad sales.

  4. buccodad Says:

    This is a great site and but I for one are not a big fan of the occasionally girly pictures. My wife always seems to walk in when there’s a big one on my giant monitor. And that’s why I only visit the site at home. Just some feedback. I hope this goes to some sort of subscription. I’m guessing the content would be quite different and superior to what we’re used to. Different is good. It’s going to be a long season

  5. kmattin Says:

    crease22……………………Not a tough concept to see you are an arrogant jerk. I don’t care where the man gets his stuff, I just like the fact the there is something new almost every day. The other site, which is selling discount subscriptions, is quickly becoming boring and full of negative crap from posters. Uhh, maybe crease22, you might want to join in over there. They like to pick at people.

  6. Joe Says:

    Thanks for the compliments guys.

    Joe had some original content last week (Earnest Graham interview) and hopes to have some more this week. At the very least, Joe is expected to have an interview with a very well-known football name at week’s end.

    Buccodad, seems as though you have a good spy watching over your shoulder. 🙂

    Crease is correct. Remember, blogs are not unlike the written version of sports radio: A lot of opinion, preferably fun opinion, with some journalism mixed in.

    Joe has broken a number of stories in the past with original content, and strives to continue that trend with more in the future.

    Joe has some exciting plans for the upcoming season. If they all fall into place, there’s no debate that will lead the pack. After all, is already a daily-must visit for any serious Bucs fan.

    Let the others nap. Joe will continue to bang out Bucs content, each day everyday, with a little Rachel Watson and other eyecandy sprinkled in.

    Thanks again for the kind words.

  7. RastaMon Says:

    “and but I for one are not a big fan of the occasionally girly pictures”….
    there is never an offseason for admiring beautiful women