Sgt. Winslow Is Moving

May 19th, 2009

A lot was made of the fact that Sgt. Winslow missed OTAs last week. So much so that former Bucs great Warren Sapp smacked down Sgt. Winslow for blowing off the workouts.

Sgt. Winslow now claims he had an excuse. He told Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times that he was moving.

Winslow said his still-incomplete move to the Tampa area has been the main reason for his absence last week and this week. He vowed to be in attendance beginning May 26, when the Bucs begin a third week of workouts at One Buc Place.

Let Joe get this straight: Sgt. Winslow was signed when? He knew he was going to live in Tampa when? And he wasn’t aware when the Bucs held their OTAs?

Joe was going to buy a Blackberry over the weekend but has to wait a couple of months for his plan to expire or otherwise he will get dinged $400. Don’t Blackberrys have calendars on them?

Or does Sgt. Winslow have a lousy cell phone contract like Joe?

Good thing D-Day wasn’t last week.

3 Responses to “Sgt. Winslow Is Moving”

  1. MTM Says:

    Boy times are tough. You mean NFL players are having to move their own households. Apparently the highest paid tight end in the league can’t afford someone to move his stuff. This will be the first installment of lies to come from “Winsblows”. This is exactly why teams don’t like to overpay for players. The let down usually follows.

  2. Sargeant Mike Says:

    Call him a POS when he doesn’t produce. Get over it!

  3. Jorge Says:

    His wife is pregnant…Until your wife is prego and salient, in the middle of a move across country shut the hell up. You feakin’ guys kill me…

    We don’t know what is happening in the man’s house…

    Wait till it is mandatory and he doesn’t preform. I know he is getting paid A LOT of money, but I’ll hold off until he screws up for real…