Running Game, Leftwich, Jason Taylor & More

May 14th, 2009
Tribune beat writer Roy Cummings says the Bucs are committed to relying on their 2009 quarterback as little as possible

Tribune beat writer Roy Cummings says the Bucs are committed to relying on their 2009 quarterback as little as possible

It seems everyone with a voice is weighing in on the Bucs quarterbacks situation these days.

Woody Cummings, Tampa Tribune beat writer, threw in his two cents and more today with the Fabulous Sports Babe on ESPN 1040 am.

On Son of Bob: “Brian Griese was gone from this team the day Jon Gruden was fired. ..There were some in the front office who wondered why he was playing last year, and some of those guys are in charge right now.”

On Byron Leftwich and Luke McCown: “A lot of people around like Byron Leftwich. Bryon or Luke he’s going to have to win the job. …This is a different Luke McCown. He’s usually a soft-spoken kind of guy. He was just adamant that he’s going to be the starting quarterback of this football team. If you’re a fan of this team, you’ve got to be excited by the way Luke is approaching it. …A very even battle. Leftwich has a lot of experience to fall back on.”

On training camp location at One Buc Palace: “I think they’ll probably sequester [the players] for a couple of weeks or so, probably just for the training camp portion that lasts about 3 1/2 weeks, then they’ll go back to their homes.”

On offensive changes: “I think they are going to run it 60-40, if not 70-30. They’re going to make life easy for their quarterback. …They’ve got a strong offensive line, talented tight ends and receivers. They’re committed to making it easy for the quarterback.”

On Jason Taylor signing with Miami: “Jim Bates wanted him here. He told some players and pretty much let the media know he wanted him. He made no secret. …Mark Dominik didn’t want him. … It ran counter to what he wants to do in the organization and he stuck to that.. …Raheem Morris agreed. … It’s a moot point now. But it was definitely something discussed in the organization.”

From Joe’s chair, clearly this run-heavy offense is part of the plan to prepare for bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman, hopefully not until 2010,  or much later if McCown or Lefwich are lighting it up.

Joe loves run-it-down-your-throat football. And with the Bucs’ offensive line, it’s about time they try to maximize its value. Playing to one’s strength is always a good thing. For example, Joe never tries to actually ask out Rachel Watson. It’s just not going to work.

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  1. Half full Says:

    With the success rate of up-start websites being less than 25%, we should refer to this site as a “bust-in waiting” too.

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Good one, Half Full. Joe appreciates humor very, very much! Have to disagree, though. In our 10th month of operation, isn’t really a start-up any more. Site traffic has exploded and it doesn’t take much to run this place. Also, there are a few “Joes” who do the writing, so if one of us gets killed in the Tropicana Field bleachers by a Troy Percival breaking ball that got launched, there’s some backup to keep the site going for your reading pleasure.

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Half Full, I can think of two things. You’re a 1/4 full of knowledge & 3/4 full of $#!t. Part of the reason is because some of us like to reference this site when spouting off on TBO & I use (JBF.C). We all know StPeteTimes is usually the last to report anything significant. is the Mothership, but again often late, but the place to go for the Bucs’ Press Conferences and Radio Shows. I’ll miss the Derrick Brooks, Joey Galloway & Jon Gruden Shows. That sucks. I got many a good laugh listening to them with the Big Dog and T J Reaves. Oh well, it is what it is…radio shows in waiting.
    “Good night Ralph.”
    “Good night Sam”
    “See you tomorrow Joe.”