Raheem’s Hometown Kid Gets Contract

May 6th, 2009

Of the seven rookie free agents the Bucs signed after last weekend’s minicamp, Joe really likes Kareem Huggins, the speedster running back/return man out of Hofstra University.

Huggins is from Irvington, N.J., Raheem The Dream’s hometown, and The Dream also played his college ball at Hofstra.

Hmmm. Joe wonders whether The Dream might be getting married again.

The Daily Record is giddy for Huggins, its local star who has been out of football for a year. He didn’t catch after looks from the Colts, Bills and Jets last year.

“Whatever he did, whenever he carried the ball, he always carried it hard through the end zone,” Hofstra head coach David Cohen said. “He was just an inspiration to everyone. I have two sons, and if my sons can ever work as hard at anything in life as Kareem, I’d be more proud than words can speak. He is special. I have never been around a soul like that. He is just special.”

The question is, is Huggins special enough for the NFL? We’ll soon begin to find out when he reports to Tampa along with veterans, rookies, and other free-agent invitees.

Last week, he showed himself worthy when the Bucs worked him in with their other rookie free agents.

“They gave me a helmet and a jersey and we had meetings,” Huggins said. “We went over plays. They gave me a playbook. We had walkthroughs, we practiced as individuals and as a team, 7-on-7’s, special teams. They wanted to see who could finish, who can run, catch, and carry the ball. I did real well. I signed, that was a blessing.”

Joe will have more about Huggins later today, stuff you won’t find anywhere else. So do come back.

For now, enjoy the video of Huggins’ 4.28, 40-yard dash.

2 Responses to “Raheem’s Hometown Kid Gets Contract”

  1. e2 Says:

    Could this be a Peanut story in the making? Wishful thinking but I love that it’s possible… Joe, though we don’t see eye 2 eye on Freeman, i love your site, thanks for keeping it Bucs 24-7, JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT! I only have love in sports for Lakers and Bucs ( semi Braves fan )… Fottball is king and with your site, i get to be KING 24-7!


  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    First Raheem, now Kareem, with Rashaad, Jamall & Jameel, they will have to make sure that practice on Fridays doesn’t conflict with Noon time Prayers. What were their parents thinking? Maybe they should change the name to the Tampa Bay Taliban. Are you effin kidding me? …chances are it’s a duck.