No Meat To Jason Taylor Discussion

May 2nd, 2009
Jimmy Wilkerson wont be dancing if the Bucs ink defensive end Jason Taylor

Defensive end Jimmy Wilkerson won't be dancing if the Bucs ink DE Jason Taylor

Joe always has been a fan of that James Brown song, Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing.

How fitting that title is for the latest round of Jason Taylor-to-Tampa Bay buzz coming out of One Buc Palace on Friday.

Essentially, defensive coordinator Jim Bates told the media, “There’s been discussion,” about Taylor joining the Bucs.

Of course, at no time does Bates reveal who had those discussions. Perhaps it was just Bates begging Mark Dominik to toss him a lifeline?

Or maybe Bates raised his hand when Raheem The Dream closed a coaches meeting with, “Any questions?”

Dream:  “Yes, Jim. I see your hand.”

Bates: “Can we bring in Jason Taylor? I’m not feeling it with Jimmy Wilkerson.”

Dream: “We’ll discuss that again another time.”

Joe puts the odds of Taylor wearing Pewter and Red at 10-1.

It’s been reported Taylor wants to play near his family in the Miami area. Perhaps there’s an outside chance the lure of a short flight home and Jim Bates would be enough for Taylor to deal with a below-market salary and a rebuilding team.

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