Leftwich At A Crossroads

May 28th, 2009

Amid the gaggle of Bucs quarterbacks stands a guy with a Super Bowl ring (well, he’s scheduled to get one), Byron Leftwich. While Leftwich was certainly a bit player with the Steelers last year, he’s the lone quarterback on the roster  with any experience on a winning NFL team (Son of Bob doesn’t count because he’ll be cut soon).

But whether that translates to the Bucs this season is another matter. Pat Kirwan of NFL.com is of the opinion that experience won’t transfer.  In fact, Kirwan writes that if Leftwich is not the Bucs starter, his career is toast.

Leftwich has a much tougher road than Culpepper because, quite frankly, he doesn’t have the same credentials. Leftwich has never completed a 16-game season, and he has played in just eight games over the last two seasons. In his favor, though, is that from 2003 to 2005, he did throw 44 touchdown passes compared to just 31 interceptions. If he can’t beat out Luke McCown, which will not be easy, or hold off first-round pick Josh Freeman, Leftwich’s career probably ends in 2009 at a crossroads.

Though it’s way too early to predict or guess who will be the Bucs starting quarterback, Joe wouldn’t be surprised if the Bucs use a quarterback-by-committee routine. Is it smart? Hell no. But it wouldn’t shock Joe if Raheem the Dream pulled such a stunt.

One Response to “Leftwich At A Crossroads”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    “In fact, Kirwan writes that if Leftwich is not the Bucs starter, his career is toast.”…….
    does that mean if Luke is not the starter his career is milk toast ?
    once you understand the franchise is and has been rebuilding it is much easier to live with….how long this rough patch lasts ,I don’t know…..ask Detroit…or Buffalo….or…..cause that’s where this franchise is at