Clouds Of Labor Unrest Building

May 21st, 2009

Joe came across a disturbing story by good guy Backwards Hat, better known as Rick Brown of the Lakeland Ledger. Seems as though NFLPA union officials visited One Buc Palace this week to caution the Bucs they may be locked out.

DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director of the National Football League Players’ Association, said on Wednesday there are indications the owners are going to lock out the players.

Smith was in Tampa officially introducing himself to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since being elected earlier this year.

“Our men understand that we are headed into this season and then next season we head into an uncapped year,” Smith said. “They are acutely aware of the changes that occur in an uncapped year as it relates to them, as it relates to their families, as it relates to the retired players. They also know that there’s been a great deal of talk and preparation for a lockout and that is something that could be on the horizon in (2011).”

Try as he might, the players better play ball with the owners. Sure, the players have some legitimate gripes. But it’s not like there isn’t football outside of the NFL on fall weekends.

Joe remembers how well the 1984 labor dispute between the players and the owners went. Joe expects a similar outcome if games come to a halt.

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