John Lynch Now Full-time Announcer

May 8th, 2009

Like John Lynch on Sundays? He’s back for more. Sort of.

After dabbling part-time with Fox and the NFL Network, it appears former Bucs great John Lynch will be in the booth for a full 17 weeks this coming season Joe has learned.

Neil Best of Newsday, better known as “The WatchDog,” arguably the top sports media columnist in the country, reports Lynch will be working full-time for Fox beginning this season.

WatchDog has learned Fox will add John Lynch to its game analyst stable, probably in place of Massapequa High’s own Brian Baldinger.

Simply put, Baldinger sucked. This dope could never figure out that Lynch, for example, once played for Tampa Bay. This nimrod Baldinger constantly referred to the Bucs as “Tampa.”

If a knothead like Baldinger can’t even get something as basic as the name of the team correct, why in the world would Joe believe anything that comes out of his piehole?

Kudos, John!

2 Responses to “John Lynch Now Full-time Announcer”

  1. Mike Says:

    Baldinger and his compadre in the booth also, for years, would call #28 “Warwick Dunn”. I cringed every time I heard that. The guys been in the league since 1997, couldn’t you once pick up a program and figure out how to pronounce Warrick Dunn??

  2. michael Says:

    now all we have to do is get RID of rock ryley, i don’t like him at all