Is Chucky Done With Coaching?

May 18th, 2009

Chucky made a big deal out of hiding in his bunker at the Ice Palace that he was going to learn the spread-option offense and get back into coaching, maybe at the college level.

As always with Chucky, saying and doing are two different things.

As Joe already pointed out, Chucky is headed to BSPN to be a Monday Night Football analyst. Joe is chagrin about this as he thought Chucky was better off on NFL Network.

But Joe finds it difficult to believe that BSPN would give this job to Chucky if it was just for one year, otherwise, why not give the job to Matt Millen who already is on the BSPN payroll?

Chucky’s agent seems to agree, telling Tom Curran of that this is not just a one-year gig for Chucky.

Gruden’s agent, Bob LaMonte, told me this morning, “He definitely has a feeling that he would like to try this for a couple of years. He’s 45 and he’s already won over 100 games, five division titles and a Super Bowl. He really is a young guy. Some guys don’t even get started as head coaches until they’re 42, 43. For him, he could easily take a (break).”

LaMonte said that, if a head coaching opportunity arises down the road, Gruden would be able to consider it, but added, “Doing Monday Night Football is a pretty monumental job, it’s not the weekend news. (A sideline opportunity) would have to be an idyllic thing.”

LaMonte, who also represents Mike Holmgren, also spoke about Chucky’s hiring with Adam Schein and Jim Miller on “The Blitz” heard exclusively on Sirius NFL Radio Monday afternoon.

“Jon has as much excitement about this as he has for anything else. He’s pumped up. I think Jon was surprised in January when he was dismissed. We talked about reinventing himself. He had a real good opportunity to do some work for the NFL Network and really enjoyed it.

“He thought if he didn’t have a job this year he was buoyed about getting better at [a TV gig]. There are eerie similarities to John Madden who was at about the same age in his life [when he was out of coaching]. He had a fabulous second career. Jon has the same capabilities.

“We had discussed [broadcasting] for a long time. But this came together rather quickly.”

If Gruden’s work on the NFL Network is any indication of what he will do with BSPN, Chucky will do well.

6 Responses to “Is Chucky Done With Coaching?”

  1. JK Says:

    I don’t know how his contract with the Glazers was set up, but I believe they still owe him money. If Gruden takes a coaching job does that excuse any money that the Glazers still owe?

  2. uh Says:

    I can easily see Chucky becoming the next Madden — he’s awesome at TV work and is a massive upgrade over Kornheiser. He knows more about football then most have forgotten about it.

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Chucky is my Hero. Raheem…dreams about being my hero. haha

  4. Jorge Says:

    Yes the Glazer Fam owes him money…Plenty of it…

    I don’t see eye 2 eye w/ the chuckster, but he was really good for NFL network…

  5. RastaMon Says:

    Gotta love it…..Gru is double dipping
    wonder if working for NFLNetwork would have affected his contract/payments by GBoyz to Gruden…
    NFLNet is working again in the NFL…..ESPN is not
    clever move is so…
    MFN may be worth staying up for again……

  6. Joe Says:

    The Glazer Boys are still on the hook for Chucky’s salary. Only way they are not is if Chucky coaches and makes as much or more than his salary with the Glazer Boys.