THE PESSIMIST: Harrison Consideration Ridiculous

May 30th, 2009

How bout those “young, violent” Buccaneers. Always looking to improve and build for the future, they are. It’s all about seeing what the young guys can do and, as the Glazer Boys told us, building through the draft.

Enter the latest Marvin Harrison-to-Tampa Bay rumor.

You know Harrison. He’s the future first-ballot Hall of Fame wide receiver who turns 37 years old this summer. He hasn’t played well since busting up his knee in 2007. And no NFL team signed him after he asked for his release from the Indianapolis Colts in February.

Given a choice between ancient receivers Harrison and Joey Galloway, the New England Patriots opted for the White Tiger.

And now MSM reports say Harrison is being targeted by the “young, violent” Bucs. Did Raheem The Dream learn nothing from seeing Tim Brown operate at One Buc Place?

If there is any truth to this stupidity, THE PESSIMIST demands a televised drug test of Mark Dominik and Raheem The Dream. Although word is The Dream is being treated for one of those dreaded erections lasting more than four hours (since the NFL Draft), so the urine test might be a challenge during a 30-minute broadcast.

Plexiglass Burress makes more sense for the Bucs. He really does. At least it’s reasonable to assume he can perform at a high level.

Harrison is shot. THE PESSIMIST wants to love Raheem The Dream, so he is praying this is a rumor started by Harrison’s agent.

3 Responses to “THE PESSIMIST: Harrison Consideration Ridiculous”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Pessimist get it right – Harrison ISN’T shot; he was the SHOOTER! But unlike Plexaco Marvin was aquitted.

    Sure it makes sense to get rid of Ike Hillard & Joey Galloway for a youth movement – then bring in starvin Marvin????? NOT

  2. mike Says:

    if buress was here the gun would have been legal, i just keep thinking can an old harrison catch better than clayton?

  3. Nick Says:

    i can catch better than clayton with my left hand (and im right handed) say what you want but in the catching game clayton sucks………