Expect Cadillac Back By Training Camp

May 26th, 2009

If recent history is a barometer and Raheem the Dream can be trusted at face value, Cadillac Williams will be back by the time training camp begins in July. That’s the word from Vacation Man of BSPN.com.

Williams is coming off his second consecutive season with a knee injury. Last year he made a spectacular recovery and seemed close to 100 percent when he suffered another knee injury.

Unlike last year, this year Vacation Man claims Raheem the Dream is expecting Cadillac come July.

Sean (Philly): What is going on with Cadillac?

Vacation Man: Raheem said yesterday that he doesn’t doubt Caddy will make it back for training camp. Caddy’s said that’s his goal and you can’t really doubt him after the way he came back from last year’s injury.

While this would be great, the Bucs can’t really depend on him to be productive. Joe would like nothing more than to see Cadillac run for 1,000 yards this season but Joe also has to be realistic. Derrick Ward and Earnest Graham can be depended on. Cadillac coming back would be icing on the cake.

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