Chucky Will Be Up To No Good

May 21st, 2009

 Though Joe was quite impressed with Chucky’s work for the NFL Network this spring covering the NFL combine and draft, Joe doesn’t know what to make of Chucky being a game analyst. In case one was under a rock, Chucky spit in the face of the NFL Network to take a gig with the four-letter, BSPN.

One of Chucky’s former co-workers, Michael Lombardi of the, who worked with Chucky when both were with the Raiders, knows Chucky is less than upfront with people and  believes Chucky will run into some problems that others, such as John Madden, never confronted while doing research for a TV broadcast.

It’s in his preparation that some teams will be a little concerned. For example, if you’re a head coach of an established team in the league, are you going to allow Gruden to have the complete access that comes with being on TV, knowing that there’s a good chance he might be coaching against you twice a year the following year?

Being able to watch practice, scout the players and learn intimate information about teams can benefit a coach if he wants to come back in the NFL. Doing studio shows does not allow the same access, so Gruden will have to be very careful and sensitive to rumors that might go around in late November or December when he visits teams in preparation for games.

This is a delicate spot for Gruden. His agent, Bob LaMonte, was proactive Monday, saying that Jon is at a point in his life where he might settle into the TV gig for more than one year. Gruden must make everyone feel at ease. Coaches, for the most part, are sensitive with their priority information — regardless of who’s coming in for a visit. But if they believe they’re giving information to a coach who will be back in the league soon, it will make those weekly production meetings a little icy.

Yeah, Joe can just picture when the BSPN Monday Night Football crew rolls into Dallass and Washington, that Wade Phillips or Jim Zorn are going to welcome Chucky with open arms.

One Response to “Chucky Will Be Up To No Good”

  1. Chris Hovan Says:

    Joe come on now do you really think that Chucky would say one thing to those teams then turn around and do the exact opposite? Who ever heard of such a thing? 😉