May 22nd, 2009

Joe can only remember linking to Gary Shelton of the St. Petersburg Times once (indirectly lauding him for having NFL Network. Every NFL beat writer/columnist who doesn’t have the NFL Network should have his/her credentials revoked.)

Well, count this as No. 2.

Joe has already posted why the Bucs shouldn’t even be thinking of acquiring noted NRA spokesman Plexiglass Burress, much less talking with his shady agent Drew Rosenhaus. Shelton takes it a step further.

But the only thing worse than playing with guns is playing with players who play with guns. This time, the Bucs should give it a miss.

Look, it isn’t just the gunplay that should scare off teams. And it isn’t the possibility of a court case or an NFL suspension, although both are fairly large caution flags.

When he was with the Giants, however, Burress was trouble. And not just for the opposition. He was suspended for missing a practice, and he was ripped for his nonchalance once he returned. According to reports, he has been sued repeatedly. In other words, it’s always something with Plaxico.

Ding… ding… ding! Joe’s biggest problem with Burress is that he is a stupid SOB (obviously). Joe will never forget when Burress was playing for the Steelers against the Jags, Burress dove and caught a bomb (from Tommy Maddox of all people) at midfield. So pleased with himself and impatient for his look-at-me prancing, he quickly lept to his feet and as hard as he could, spiked the ball.

Problem was Plexiglass was untouched. The ball was live! The Jags defense reacted as if someone dropped a garbage bag full of $100 bills from a helicopter.

Even if Plexiglass was ruled down — there wasn’t a defender within five yards of him — his selfish look-at-me play would have resulted in a delay of game penalty. Idiot.

This Plexiglass is such a fool, he doesn’t even know how to properly pack heat in a night club. And the Bucs want such a mental midget on their roster???

4 Responses to “Bulls-eye!”

  1. Dave Says:

    They do not need him for another reason: The youth movement. If they are going to keep a vet around go sign Brooks. Plaxico is not the guy who needs to be influencing Talib, Bryant, Winslow, etc…

  2. Sargeant Mike Says:

    I agree, even with the skills take a pass on this one.

  3. MTM Says:

    Plaxico would be a great addition to the Buc’s receiving corps. Sargeant Winslow could teach him about gun safety. And make sure he turns in early for camp. Talib could show him how to roll joints with one hand. Bryant could teach Plax about contract negotiations. Its flawless. Make that call “Dreamonik”

  4. Joe Says:

    Literally laughing out loud on that one MTM!