Bucs New Underdog Is A Tireless Trainer

May 6th, 2009
Bucs new running back/returner Kareem The Dream Huggins cant get enough of the goalline in practice, says his former coach at Hofstra.

Bucs new running back/returner Kareem "The Dream" Huggins couldn't get enough of the goal line in practice, explains his former coach at Hofstra.

Intrigued by the speed and success of newly-signed Bucs rookie running back/returner Kareem Huggins out of Hofstra University, who Joe told you about earlier, Joe just had to learn more about him.

Joe’s brief chat with Huggins’ head coach at Hofstra, David Cohen, reveals a prospect with an extraordinary work ethic.

Joe: Coach Cohen, I read your comments about Huggins’ extraordinary work ethic. Can you offer a detailed example of his effort at Hofstra?

Hofstra Head Coach David Cohen: In a 10-yard drill Kareem would finish off the play for the other 90, or whatever the distance to the goaline was. So in a jog-through kareem might run 1,200 yards counting return running, where everyone else is just in a 10-yard box. This includes all punt and kickoff return drills as well. On a day of extremely tough workouts, kareem would sometimes go two times to push the linemen through their workouts (two lifts and two runs where the rest of the team does one).

Joe: Huggins hasn’t been playing football for a year. Do you know what he’s been up to? Has he stayed connected to the Hofstra program?

Cohen: Kareem has never stopped training; he is in top shape all year round. Kareem also helps high school kids train. The NFL has been his passion and dream and he has never waivered or deviated from the plan of making the league. Kareem attended several [Hofstra] games and after tough losses would call or text me to see how the coaching staff and players were doing.

Joe: Can you talk about Huggins’ leadership and his playing abilities? Where were the strengths and weaknesses in his game?

Cohen: Kareem is extremely fast; he is a 4.3 type guy. Due to his excellent conditioning level kareem excelled in the fourth quarter running over and through people. Being very strong as well, Kareem can work on avoiding people so he does not always have to deliver and or take a hit.

Joe: Bucs head coach Raheem Morris played his college ball at Hofstra and coached there for three years. Was he or Bucs scouts in touch with you about Huggins and what was the discussion?

Cohen: They were not in touch with me.

Joe: Any nicknames for Huggins or a good story about him that fans might enjoy?

Cohen: His nickname is Reem – not a big talker but Kareem is a big DOER. I wish we had more like him as he is truly special.

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