Be Careful Josh

May 2nd, 2009

If Joe has learned anything in the brief regime of Raheem the Dream, it’s that when he lusts over a quarterback wearing Pewter and Red, said quarterback better start watching his back.

When Raheem the Dream first got the job, he was on a three-month long sales pitch about how great Luke McCown is. At best now, McCown is just keeping the seat warm for Freeman.

Raheem the Dream then told all how Josh Johnson was just an unpolished jewel. Now there are rumblings that Johnson won’t be long for the Bucs.

Then Raheem the Dream went out and told Byron Leftwich he would be given a shot to start, only to go out and trade up in the first round to draft a quarterback.

Now Raheem the Dream is in full over-the-top slobbering mode over Freeman, going so far as to gush over how Freeman can take a snap, so reports Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune! Imagine?

“He took control of the huddle,” Morris said. “I don’t believe he had one bad snap besides the guard tripping him earlier in the walkthrough.

“Other than that, he got every snap. Delivered the football, controlled the huddle well. Made some nice throws. Did some things we liked today.”

Raheem the Dream needs to dial it down a bit. Blabbering how a first round pick can actually take a snap is about as mind-blowing as getting worked up over how an offensive lineman can get down in a three-point stance.

And if recent history is any judge, Freeman should at least be a bit concerned over Raheem the Dream’s sale pitches. That is until he signs his $20 million dollar contract.

8 Responses to “Be Careful Josh”

  1. kmattin Says:

    You really should learn to not get so personal with your articles. All I see here is negative. Something must please you. Give the kids a chance. You beat up coach Gruden, now you are beating up coach Morris. If you were king of the world who would be your GM, coach and first round draft pick? Do you think that all would agree with you? Or, maybe you think you would be a better GM and/or coach than what the Bucs have now?

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    kmattin, thanks for visiting Joe is perplexed. There is so much positive Bucs news on, Joe doesn’t know where to start. In just the past few days, delivered researched feel-good stories about two of the Bucs draft picks, DT Roy Miller and WR Sammie Stroughter, in addition to a story about free agent rookie signee Rob Bruggeman. Joe even talked to the kid’s father in Iowa.

    And there will be another warm-and-fuzzy story about Xavier Fulton come Monday morning.

    Perhaps YOU should be more positive? 🙂

    There’s more upbeat stuff here, as well. That said, Joe doesn’t hold back any negativity. There’s room for all opinions. Every day.

  3. kmattin Says:

    You are right, you have written some very good articles that are chuck full of feel good stuff. I just wonder though, what coach Morris has done to displease you so much. I don’t know if he will do well or not, but the choice by the Glazers was so far out of my control, I choose not to let it bother me. It just seems that those writing about the Buccaneers and those broadcasters are in such a negative space. It looks as though there is hope that the team will do bad so you all can say “I told you so.” I don’t even discuss the team at my local watering hole. All I hear and see are those “fans” muttering in their beer while chomping their wings.
    I don’t look at this team through pewter colored glasses as they say. I am just a realist. They will either win or lose. Nothing in between. You have a good thing going here and I enjoy reading your stuff, but you still haven’t answered my questions. Who for coach and general manager, first round pick?

  4. dave Says:

    Have to admit that Morris is going WAY over the top with Freeman. His latest “giant human walking the planet” quote is just too much, it’s comical, embarassing, and laughable all at the same time. The more he builds this guy up the farther he’ll fall.

  5. RastaMon Says:

    low blow Joe

  6. petek Says:

    Regarding Freeman’s contract, is that a done deal? No blow here.

  7. Joe Says:


    Joe’s going from memory after a couple of beers: Always a dangerous prospect. But last year the No. 17 pick was offensive tackle Gosder Cherilus picked by the Lions. He signed a five-year contract worth about $15 million.

    Joe’s guessing Freeman’s contract will be worth close to $20 million given the fact that, well, let’s be honest, it’s a quarterback contract. Those are always high-dollar pacts.

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’ve heard $20MM too. That is a bargain when you see what Stafford got and what Sanchez will get. I don’t think either one of those two are that great or worthy of the picks spent on them.