Attention Gamblers!

May 8th, 2009

For Bucs fans who like to wager and may take a casual vacation to Nevada in the next few weeks, eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune comes through with some wagering opportunities.

Seems as though the movers and shakers in Vegas don’t think much of the Bucs this year.

The over-under win total for the 2009 Bucs was just set at 6.5 by Las Vegas Sports Consultants (LVSC), a 27-year-old company that serves as an advisor for licensed Nevada casinos.

A year ago, Tampa Bay’s over-under win total was pegged at 8.5.

The Bucs posted a second consecutive 9-7 record under Coach Jon Gruden, but an offseason overhaul, uncertainty at the quarterback position and a grueling schedule have combined to lower expectations.

“The Bucs seemed to peak a few years ago,” Mike Seba, senior oddsmaker for LVSC, said Thursday. “The schedule’s very difficult and they are basically rebuilding down in Tampa. You’re not used to seeing the Buccaneers with such a low number, but the feeling here is that they are missing so many pieces.”

Joe isn’t much of a gambler. If Joe bets on three things aside from his annual NCAA basketball tournament bracket or a college bowl pool in a year, that’s a lot. But Joe isn’t against gambling, hardly. Joe is very much a proponent of sports books in Florida and internet wagering.

Why? Tax revenue from the sports books. If Big Brother did that, Obama wouldn’t have to worry about the deficit he’s running up. And Charlie Crist might be able to hire a few more teachers and finally get a mass transit train system built that the Tampa Bay area needs terribly.

Imagine if one could go to Derby Lane, play poker, bet on dogs, horses and other animals which run in circles, and place a friendly wager on the Capitals-Penguins game tonight, all under one roof? How cool would that be?

Why should Vegas get all the tourism (and money)?

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  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    I’ll take the under for $100 please.