Thanks Readers!

April 15th, 2009

Joe would like to thank those who took part in Joe’s first live chat last night.

Despite the late hour on a weeknight (11 p.m.) it was fun, lively and, of course, it was full of Bucs talk.

Joe enjoyed the experience so much that he’s thinking of having a live chat as a weekly feature.

On Tuesday at 4:30 p.m., draft expert and WDAE-AM 620’s Justin Pawlowski, host of “The Blitz,” will host a live NFL Draft chat.

Also as a reminder, you can also follow Joe on his Twitter account to get updates throughout the day.

Again, thanks for those that joined in. For those that couldn’t make it, stay tuned for another live chat in the near future.

2 Responses to “Thanks Readers!”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    Great feature Joe but I have to admit to some confuse about Joe, Joe2, JoeBucsfan and how Manchester U fit into the whole evening…

    Highly recommend to those die-hard Bucs fans because let’s face it – the national media isn’t gonna give Raheem’s team any love this year.

    You want to talk REAL Bucs draft talk and not the warmed over vomit being spewed out by Kiper’s hairpiece I recommend tuning in for the next chat.

    PS Just remember it’s a “NO FREEMAN ZONE”

  2. Dan Says:

    Man U is the Glazers first interest Mr. Lucky and depending what type of success they are having with them translates to what is going on with the Bucs. Compared to revenues and overall gross worth of Man U, the Bucs are but a hobby to the Glazers as hard as this is to believe. Bucs financially dependent on whats going on with Man U, that is why we talked about it last night. And why did we talk about Carmella Garcia and Rachel Watson? I do not know but I do not care, I will talk about them all night. See you at the next chat! Thanks Joe(s?)… yea that was a bit a of surprise.