Someone At Didn’t Get The Memo

April 21st, 2009
Hey,, you stupid mother!@#$%^&, its bad enough Ive got some blogger hounding me everywhere I go wanted to me to talk. Now you dopes Im still working for the Glazer Boys, Jiminy Christmas! Hey, at least their money still spends good.

"Hey,, you stupid mother!@#$%^&, it's bad enough I've got some blogger hounding me to talk everywhere I go. You dopes think I'm still working for the Glazer Boys? Jiminy Christmas! Hey, at least the $5 million they're giving me this year impresses Oren Koules."

Joe enjoys nearly as much as he enjoys the NFL Network. A day doesn’t go by that Joe doesn’t enjoy both.

Though as good as is, it appears someone there didn’t get the memo that Chucky was canned.

In a cutline (that’s a caption for you non-journalists) on an article touting Pat Kirwan’s training camp tour this summer, it states who Kirwan plans to visit on one particular stop.

Pat Kirwan will visit 14 training camps this year, including a visit with Jon Gruden and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It appears the St. Petersburg Times isn’t the only one quite a few days late (and a lot more dollars short than they want anyone to believe).

Quick, someone call the NFL and advise them Chucky is holed up in a bunker at the Ice Palace trying to figure out the spread offense.

In fact, closer study of the article, published Sunday, reveals whoever put together that page didn’t know the Bucs moved training camp to One Buc Palace for the 2009 season.

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