Shameless Plug For, NFL Network

April 24th, 2009

In preparing for the draft one thing jumped out at Joe even more than the fact that Josh Freeman is a joke of a first round prospect. and NFL Network is so far superior to BSPN it isn’t funny.

First,’s “Draft Tracker” is fantastic. It gives complete breakdowns of all top prospects, some of which includes video highlight packages.

BSPN wants you to cough up cash. And for what, so you can read/watch for the umteenth time Mel Kiper talking about how the Bucs should draft Freeman? Please.

Second, tomorrow, NFL Network viewers will get to see the full talents of the king of the draftniks, Mike Mayock. The guy is uncanny with his picks.

Besides, the greatest attribute the NFL Network will have tomorrow is no Chris Berman!

Then there is the eyecandy the NFL Network has. First are the talents of the blonde pictured above, former Broncos cheerleader Michelle Biesner. She is such a talent, that knothead that Joe would like to punch, Stuart Scott, failed in a late-night booty call on Biesner not too long ago.

Along with Beisner is Lindsay Soto who is quite the cutie. In the video below, Soto, who moonlights with Versus covering the NHL playoffs, demonstrates how to gain the rapt attention of an interviewee.

In short, if you are not mining for draft information, or watching the draft coverage on NFL Network, Joe has one question:

“Whats the matter with you?”

Enjoy Ms. Soto. It appears Rob Niedermayer did.

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