Scott Reynolds Must Be Getting Paid By Bucs

April 23rd, 2009
Interesting Scott Reynolds of The Pewter Report decided to trash former Bucs defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin once Kiffin moved out of town.

Interesting Scott Reynolds of The Pewter Report decided to trash former Bucs defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin once Kiffin moved out of town.

Joe has nothing personal against Pewter Report mogul Scott Reynolds. He seems to be quite a likeable fellow.

In fact, his regular visits with the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, The Big Dog, Steve Duemig of WDAE-AM, are usually must-listen radio. After all, just about any Bucs talk is good talk for Joe.

But after listening to Reynolds’ appearance yesterday on The Big Dog’s show, Joe seriously wonders if either Reynolds had too long of a liquid lunch at Lee Roy Selmon’s or is being paid off by some higher-up at One Buc Palace.

Just about everything Reynolds said yesterday raised all sorts of red flags with Joe. The longer he talked, the crazier Reynolds got.

First off, Kansas State graduate Reynolds is now jocking almost as bad for NFL bust-in-waiting, Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman, as Mel Kiper has been.

Reynolds began making excuses for Freeman such as he didn’t have a good offensive line but did have a subpar coach.

Hhhhmmm? Joe seems to recall Eli Manning worked with a bunch of nobodies yet was within four points of playing in an SEC championship at Mississippi.

Joe also seems to recall bratty quarterback Jay Cutler playing with a bunch of stiffs, yet still carved up SEC defenses.

Joe remembers colossal NFL busts like Akili Smith and Ryan Leaf carrying their teams to Rose Bowl appearances.

Simply put, quality quarterbacks overcome obtacles and put lesser teams on their backs for a ride. So what was Freeman’s problem?  The only place Freeman carried Kansas State was to the toilet.

Freeman played in the Big XII where Largo High School plays better defense and teams would have had trouble stopping Plant High School. Yet Freeman wasn’t even one of the top four quarterbacks in the conference (Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford, Texas’ Colt McCoy, Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell and Missouri’s Chase Daniels rang rings around Freeman).

So despite mounds of evidence, Reynolds strongly suggested Freeman would not be a bad first round selection by the Bucs.

Fail No. 1 by Reynolds.

Then Reynolds began getting chippy about Monte Kiffin of all people, Monte Kiffin! The way Reynolds was talking, Kiffin was just slightly better than a louse because he didn’t like to start rookies.

Joe nearly had to pull over when he heard that. Kiffin, by any sober measure, along with Pittsburgh’s Dick LeBeau, are the top defensive coordinators in the NFL in recent memory. In fact, many top NFL analysts last year made logical arguments that the two should be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Yet Reynolds was taking potshots at Kiffin because he didn’t like to play rookies. Shoot, any NFL coach will tell a fan the best way for a rookie to become acclimated to the NFL is, rather than throwing the rookie to the wolves, to gradually ease the rookie into playing time.

It worked for Ronde Barber. It worked for Brian Kelly. It worked for Barrett Ruud. It worked for Aqib Talib. Joe could go on and on and on.

This practice was good enough for Kiffin to have one of the greatest lockdown defenses consistently in recent years yet Kiffin’s philosophy for rookies wasn’t good enough for Reynolds.

Joe wishes Reynolds would have specified just what years the Bucs defense under Kiffin stunk so bad that rookies should have started, but Reynolds wasn’t forthcoming.

Would the rookie linebackers the Bucs had last year have done better than Derrick Brooks, Cato June or Ruud during the December collapse? And before that collapse the Bucs, as was expected under Kiffin, had one of the NFL’s top defenses.

Fail No. 2 for Reynolds.

Then Reynolds really went off the deep end when he criticized Kiffin for not starting rookie Dre Moore last year. Joe nearly had a wreck.

Mind you this Moore was such a talent, that not only did the Bucs cut him, but all NFL teams passed on Moore enabling the Bucs to claim him off waivers and place him on their practice squad.

Imagine that not one team, not the putrid record-setting 0-16  Lions, not the ole’ defense of the Broncos, even saw fit to even sign Moore as a third string player, yet Reynolds had the gall to rip Kiffin for not starting him despite the fact that the Bucs were in the running for a playoff berth!

Fail No. 3 for Reynolds.

Joe also found it quite ironic that Reynolds didn’t flinch on criticizing Kiffin now that Kiffin’s new residence is in eastern Tennessee. If Kiffin was such a bum, where was Reynolds last November? Pretty easy to go after a Bucs legend after he’s moved out of town.

How convenient.

Or was Reynolds just that blind last year and wasn’t so enlightened until the season was over?

If Joe didn’t know any better, it sure seemed like Reynolds is either a bit too cozy with someone high up in the Bucs front office, or Reynolds happens to be on the Bucs payroll himself.

With the type of analysis Reynolds provided yesterday, it’s no wonder his magazine’s annual subscription is only $10. If Reynolds keeps talking nonsense like he did yesterday, it won’t be worth 10 cents.

25 Responses to “Scott Reynolds Must Be Getting Paid By Bucs”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    SR….sold his soul

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    So I take it Joe didn’t like the Reyonds interview?

    Hey Joe next time dont hold back – let it out man!!!!

  3. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    Joe has nothing against Reynolds at all. Joe would love to talk Bucs with him over a long pouring session deep into the night. But when he was talking crazy talk like he did yesterday, Joe just can’t let that s(p)it slide.

    BTW, Joe forgot to mention how Reynolds claimed Sgt. Winslow’s contract was smart because in a few years it would be considered cheap. That’s baloney from the word go. In every sport, an expensive contract is rendered “cheap” by future years’ standards.

    And exactly how “cheap” will Sgt. Winslow’s contract be if his knee doesn’t hold up?

  4. TonyQ Says:

    Joe, I agree with you here. But I don’t like that you hide in the shadows implying that a guy like Scott Reynolds is drunk or on the take from the Bucs. Obviously, much of what you do here is great comedy and a great service and informative for Bucs fans but you shouldn’t call people out in the media when you’re just a cartoon face with a beer in your hand. Who are you Joe the Reynoldsbasher

  5. JimBucsFan Says:

    Joe needs to listen more carefully.

  6. awitron Says:

    I came across this on the pewter report message board..

    Who the hell do you think you are that you can come up with false accusations? You dont know sh*t about football or the Bucs. Get over yourself. What kinda jackass refers to himself in 3rd person?

    Why dont you re-listen to the podcast or everyone here can listen to it to see how full of sh*t you are:

  7. admin Says:

    Joe here – Thanks for visiting, Awitron.

    Joe has edited your curse words for the youngsters in the audience.

    If the whole third person theme of the site upsets you, well, Joe just doesn’t know what to say. It’s how Joe presents his opinions. Take it or leave it.

    The founders of this site periodically use their real names on articles here, and usually during our frequent radio interviews on all three of the local sports radio stations. You can hear “Joe” on ESPN 1040 AM on Friday morning in the 9 o’clock hour. We are not hiding.

    In fact, our stories have been quoted by numerous respectable publications, and was the first nationally to report that Lane Kiffin was selling himself during his job search by offering the D-coordinator services of his father. Feel free to check our archives and Google.

    Thanks for providing the link to the audio of Scott Reynolds’ Buccaneer Blitz segment. We’re please to let the readers/listeners decide.

  8. BucFan Says:

    The third person POV is irritating. Ever think of changing it?

  9. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    BucFan, thanks for visiting Sure we’ve thought of changing the third-person presentation. Lots of people do, in fact, like it. You never know.

  10. TonyQ Says:

    Joe we love you man. Never change. LOL Nice public relations move if I say so myself. Frankly, I heard Reynolds on the air, and i’m a pewter report subscriber, and I came away with the feeling he was ripping Monte Kiffin with some 20-20 hindsight. This site is supposed to be fun everyone and there’s a lot of great news here too. Don’t upset Joe 🙂

  11. Wizard Says:

    Some people take things waaaaaay to seriously!!! you do great work Joe and anyone who reads this site can see you keep it real and you put in a tremendous amount of research.

  12. Knots Says:

    Justin, is that really you? you might be the only thing good about this site. you and the chick pix. Although it is the best resource for all kinds of Bucs news and it entertains me too. Justin, you think there will be more sites like this for the Bucs and do the media take it seriously

  13. Joe Joe Joe Blow Says:

    Look at Joe throwing down the gauntlet against the big boys on the block. Maybe Joe thinks he knows what drives website traffic. Can Joe originate more stories on his own? Until Joe puts up……then maybe Joe should shut up?

    Joe thinks Joe should stick to his day job.

  14. Joe Says:

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Sometimes Joe thinks that maybe he posts too many chicks pix. Apparently not. Joe aims to please. 🙂

    Look, Joe isn’t trying to start a war with anyone, no matter what some may want to believe. The Pewter Report boys do what they do and they (usually) do a decent job of it.

    If Joe wanted to start a battle with the Pewter Report by pulling cheap stunts he would have done it the day he launched back in August.

    Joe never has, and still doesn’t want to emulate the Pewter Report. Or the Tribune. Or the Times.

  15. jeb Says:

    So a guy name Joe puts up a Bucs fan site and people are actually freaking angry.These are the same people who don’t want you to boo or cheer too loudly at RayJay. What gives? What planet are your from.

    Here you can’t call security you whining babies. It’s a great site that is totally different from Pewter Report. Bucs fans are lucky to have both. And obviously the whole third person thing is a spoof. Pretty clever actually.

  16. Joe Says:

    >>> Former Governor Jeb Bush chiming in!!! <<<

    Joe thought the same thing, and is quite honored if JEB! is actually a reader of Joe’s.

    Thank you JEB! for the kind words.

  17. dave Says:

    You’re exactly right about Reynolds. I’ve gotten into it with him on a few occasions about his love of Freeman AND his bashing of Kiffin. IMO, there is no single coach who’s meant as much to this franchise than Kiffin. Nice call!!!

  18. RastaMon Says:

    Still doesn’t change the fact that SR has sold his journalistic soul for favored flavor at One Buc….it’s easy to read and hear especially on controversial or fan sensitive topics….it is sad to watch the transformation , but hey PR got a great deal on their RayJay skybox

  19. Mr Lucky Says:

    Mr. Lucky thinks Joe speaks in 3rd person POV because Joe used to hang with Simeon Rice in the past. Is Mr. Lucky Right?

    I think I register new website

  20. Rowdiebucfan Says:

    Rowdiebucfan, had a very hard time with what he was listening to so he changed the channel.

  21. Jeff Says:


    So your opinion can be bought?? Is that why you “work” with Ron and Ian and LOWER yourself? You are nothing short of a hypocrite. So “Joe” will buy people’s opinions, so of course you will say they are smart. Go figure. I would have more respect for you Justin, if you told Ron and Ian to go stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!

  22. Joe Says:

    So Jeff, because you don’t like Ron and Ian then Justin is supposed to quit a sweet gig (that everyone on this blog would kill for) as a producer/host with WDAE in this economy? You are joking right?

    Justin wasn’t bought off by Joe. During the football season Justin called Joe to come on his show before a Bucs game — if memory serves it was prior to the Bucs-Seahawks game — because Justin liked

    Justin called Joe; not the other way around.

    A few weeks later at a Largo High School football game Joe ran into Justin and Joe asked Justin if he would like to contribute some draft stories. Justin jumped at the opportunity.

    Joe has had Steve Campbell, Bob Fox, Jeff Carlson, Jacquez Green, Justin, among others, write stories and contribute to the blog. None of them were forced to; none were bought off. If anyone who contributes or works for Joe and is uncomfortable with Joe for whatever reason, then Joe doesn’t want them working for him or with him either.

  23. Jeff Says:

    Joe, who does like Ron and Ian, two known liars and embellishers? Why do Justin and Darek have to cover for him EVERY day and Justin has to HIDE and become the very thing he probably hates?! Same thing with “Green Bay” Bob. I respect Bob, but he is now BEYOND the realm of a caller.

    Its not a matter of quitting, its a matter of principle. Chris Thomas would call what Ron and Ian do BLASHPHEMY, because they LIE to Mike Killabrew and they lie to other CC executives and they are ALLOWED to be something they shouldn’t be. No problem with this site or you, but you know what, when self-preservation gets to the point Ron and Ian do with lying and cheating, the Tampa Bay market deserves MUCH BETTER!

  24. Jeff Says:

    I don’t know if Joe likes Ron and Ian, but ANYONE who supports Ron and Ian is someone I dislike. It’s been a horrible 5 year run for that station, in the sense the quality has gone straight downhill and the management doesn’t care for what is said, but simply ratings. Its preparation and passion, that’s all. They don’t prepare and Justin has to “take the heat” for ANYTHING they don’t know. That is a WDAE problem and especially a Clear Channel problem for behind the scenes. Shame on them.

    Not shame on this site, but Ron and Ian HIDE behind their format and use JBF to “cover” them. When in reality, they are nothing but the very scum that is the problem with our media

  25. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    OK, Jeff. Let’s end this sports radio rant. This isn’t

    Last I checked ratings are all that matters in radio, and The Animal has no responsibility to provide hardcore sports talk all day long.

    It’s a radio station. It’s not a sports team. It’s just not that important.