Rough Draft: Percy Chatter & NFC North

April 13th, 2009
NFL Draft guru delves into Percy Harvins draft challenges and everything NFC North

Is Percy Harvin in draft freefall? NFL Draft wizard Justin Pawlowski explores that and more.

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The rumors of superGator Percy Harvin’s off-the-field issues have been swirling of late, and there’s much national chatter about his draft stock possibly dropping.

In today’s breakdown, NFL Draft guru Justin Pawlowski sorts out the Harvin situation and analyzes the needs, wants and probable draft happenings of the NFC North teams.



One Response to “Rough Draft: Percy Chatter & NFC North”

  1. MTM Says:

    I have never heard anything negative about Harvin’s attitude. On or off the field . As far as his intelligence. He seem to know where to run in the open field. Repeatedly!!
    And it didn’t seem to matter. When he was dusting defenses in the SEC.
    Harvin’s knock has always been injuries. That’s it.