Quit Slurping Freeman!

April 10th, 2009

Joe is really banging the drum that the Bucs drafting Kansas State quarterback and NFL bust in waiting Josh Freeman would be a monumental mistake. Quite frankly, if the Bucs pick Freeman in the first round, it would set the franchise back five years.

Matt Bowen of the NationalFootballPost.com seems to be a voice of reason. He too thinks Freeman is wildly overrated and shouldn’t even be considered by the Steelers to close out the first round much less a No. 19 selection.

Any time a club hosts a player for a private workout leading up to the draft, there’s no hiding their interest. Luke McCown is the starter in Tampa, but spending a first-round pick on a project? I just don’t see the logic behind it. Freeman is a second rounder in my book, someone who can learn the NFL game by watching and running the scout team as a rookie. Don’t overdraft if you don’t have to.

If the Bucs do draft Freeman, Joe doesn’t know what he will do. That will make two Bucs quarterback jerseys Joe will want to burn in a fit of rage.

2 Responses to “Quit Slurping Freeman!”

  1. dave Says:

    If they draft Freeman, name the place and we’ll have a bonfire. I’ll bring every jersey I have. The Winslow contract is the beginning of the end for Domminik, drafting Freeman would be the END.

  2. MTM Says:

    Freeman is not coming to the Bucs. Kiper has said he thinks the Bucs will draft him. Kiper is not very accurate. He is just entertainment. Raheem was just helping out Freeman by having a workout. If he looks wanted by somebody. Maybe he will go higher in the draft.
    Or thats what I disperately want to believe!