Merril Hoge Doesn’t Like Freeman Either

April 13th, 2009
Add Merril Hoge to the many experts who are not fond of Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman.

Add Merril Hoge to the many experts unimpressed by Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman.

While for the moment Joe can breathe easier now that Raheem The Dream has his coveted fourth quarterback, only after the Bucs select their first round pick will Joe be able to sleep easy knowing the Bucs haven’t drafted NFL bust-in-waiting quarterback Josh Freeman.

BSPN’s Merril Hoge, who follows Joe on Twitter, wrote in his blog breakdown on draft eligile quarterbacks that Freeman is a “gamble.”

And that was about the nicest thing Hoge wrote about Freeman.

[T]alk about raw, he is athletic and makes things happen when he runs but it’s not his first thought to run which makes him a gamble in the NFL but more importantly he would force things at times which could mean he was not sure of what coverage a team was in or he would single a WR out and throw the ball to him no matter what the coverage was saying. Neither one of these habits are very good. I felt his accuracy was ok and I did feel he was tough and his offensive line was not very good and they got into some games were it was a blow out. His best bet is to get drafted on a team with a great QB coach so he can spend a few years on the bench learning from his coaches and the QB’s in front of him and then will have a better chance to make an impact.

Joe wasn’t aware Hoge had a blog until Joe received a Twitter update from Hoge with the URL. It’s pretty good and Joe recommends it.

After, that is, you check in for your daily dose of Joe(

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