Josh Freeman = JaMarcus Russell

April 27th, 2009
Fox Sports Radios Chris Landry likes Bucs draft pick Kyle Moore. Josh Freeman? Not so much.

Fox Sports Radio's Chris Landry likes Bucs draft pick defensive end Kyle Moore. Josh Freeman? Not so much.

There are few football analysts with more knowledge about the game than Fox Sports Radio’s Chris Landry. Afterall, he learned the game at the feet of both Bill Belicheat and Jeff Fisher.

Speaking last night with host John Fricke in breaking down the drafts of the NFC South teams, Landry listed the Bucs at the bottom of the division.

Of course, like any sane human being, he thought the Bucs made a mistake in not only drafting bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman in the first round, but also trading up to acquire him.

“My real concern with Josh Freeman is his accuracy,” Landry said. “He’s not an accurate passer. He reminds me a lot of JaMarcus Russell only with more mobility, but my knock on Russell was his lack of work ethic.”

Landry thought Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski and quarterback coach Greg Olson “would find a scheme for him” that would work best for Freeman. Landry had high praise for Jagodzinski and Olson but still didn’t think they will be able to mold Freeman into an elite quarterback.

Though Landry was not fond of the Bucs draft as a whole, he was very high on third round pick defensive tackle Roy Miller, saying he is perfect for Jim Bates’ defense, and thought USC defensive end Kyle Moore, selected in the fourth round was very underrated.

4 Responses to “Josh Freeman = JaMarcus Russell”

  1. Pete Says:

    I don’t get this “accuracy” misnomer-
    what do you want?

    2007 as a junior -Freeman threw 499 passes with only 11 picks and completed 63.33%

    In 2008, (senior, 8 picks and 58.64) Freeman ranked 17th in the nation in total offense (279.08 yards per game) and 11th in points responsible for (17.17 per game). While his passing yards were down from the previous season (2,945), he did complete 58.64% of his attempts (224-of-382), a career-high 20 touchdowns and a career-low eight interceptions. He exploded for 14 scores and 404 yards on the ground. Only Colin Kaepernick of Nevada (17) ran for more touchdowns among major college quarterbacks in 2008.

    The Bucs obviously felt Josh Freeman represented their best option/value, but not as an immediate impact player, and I agree. Of the QBs on the roster, pre-Freeman, who will be leading the Bucs in three-four years and where will the Bucs be? Probably about where they are now without an identity at QB. Good free agent QBs are rare and expensive, because teams will not let them go. We may not be in a position for a few years to draft the third QB taken, who may be as good than the two chosen ahead of him; and we don’t have to pay top 10 money. The fans will be screaming for Tebow next year (and would think it a great pick) yet Freeman will be a better NFL QB.
    Mark Sanchez is overrated who must have a good agent or PR rep, to create all the unjustified buzz. He started only 16 games and was surrounded by several of the best players in the country, including the defense; and outclassed most of the rest of their conference. (see Matt Leinart).
    Brady Quinn was in a pro style offense also, I agree the jury may still be out on both, but neither has taken the NFL by storm.
    Thanks for your time,
    Palm Harbor

  2. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    that should read freeman=”chewbacus russell” i think that nickname fits the raiders evil empire image they love so much however the raider fans i tried it on did not find it amusing!

  3. MTM Says:

    Just remember to keep all hands and feet away from the Raider fans cage at all times.

  4. Fin? Says: