Josh Freeman Is A Third Round Stiff

April 22nd, 2009

Joe has been screaming from the mountaintop for weeks that the absolute worst pick the Bucs could make in the first round Saturday would be to choose NFL bust-in-waiting quarterback Josh Freeman.

Yet there are stil far too many among the Fourth Estate who not only are so misguided as to suggest the Bucs need to pick Freeman in the first round, one is so deranged he suggests the Bucs need to trade up to acquire Freeman.

Simply put, if the Bucs choose Freeman in the first round, it will set the franchise back five years.

Thankfully Wes Bunting is a voice of reason. Not only does the columnist understand Freeman is wildly overrated, he even describes the 2009 version of Akili Smith as a third round, ahem, talent.

Bunting has a good number of players eligible in the draft Saturday broken down into grade levels and what round they should be drafted in based on their skills.

Freeman is graded out as a “Tier Seven” talent. Here are some of the other players in the same group as Freeman:

Tier Seven (Third-Round Talents)
QB Josh Freeman, Kansas State (6-6, 248)
QB Stephen McGee, Texas A&M (6-3, 225)
RB Rashad Jennings, Liberty (6-1, 231)
WR Mike Wallace, Mississippi (6-1, 199)
WR Mohamed Massaquoi, Georgia (6-2, 210)
TE James Casey, Rice (6-3, 246)
TE Chase Coffman, Missouri (6-6, 244)
OT Xavier Fulton, Illinois (6-4, 302)
OT Gerald Cadogan, Penn State (6-5, 309)
OG Tyronne Green, Auburn (6-2, 309)
C Jonathan Luigs, Arkansas (6-4, 301)
DE Paul Kruger, Utah (6-4, 263)
DT Mitch King, Iowa (6-2, 280)
DT Fili Moala, USC (6-4, 305)
DT Alex Magee, Purdue (6-3, 298)
OLB Jason Williams, Western Illinois (6-1, 241)
CB Joe Burnett, Central Florida (5-10, 182)
CB Victor Harris, Virginia Tech (5-11, 198)
CB Gregory Toler, St Paul’s (5-11, 191)
CB Christopher Owens, San Jose State (5-10, 181)
FS Rashad Johnson, Alabama (5-11, 203)
SS Patrick Chung, Oregon (5-11, 212)

If the Bucs choose this glorified stiff Freeman, he will erupt (as Joe is sure so too will THE PESSIMIST). Joe just might be in more need of a straight jacket if this happens Saturday than he normally is.

3 Responses to “Josh Freeman Is A Third Round Stiff”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    Snag Fili Moalo in Round 3!!!!!!!

  2. dave Says:

    If there’s one thing I agree with you on beyond doubt, it’s the complete fear of the Bucs drafting Freeman. All rational data suggest picking defense but I have this nagging feeling the Bucs are gonna do something VERY stupid. I to look for every possible reason for the Bucs NOT to draft Freeman, but still can’t get rid of that horrible nagging feelin’.

  3. MTM Says:

    Dave- I feel the same way. I wish I did not. But due to some of the new moves made this off season.
    1) long term contract for “Winsblow”. For a guy who hasn’t play a down for you.
    2) Canning Brooks, June with no new replacements (practice squad guys don’t count)
    3) Not signing any good free agents for the defense (we can’t draft them all)
    4) And the fact the Dominick was with the Gruden/Allen regime for the last 5 years. Really worries me.