Joe’s… Twittering (?)

April 4th, 2009

One thing Joe has always tried to do is keep up with technology, though sometimes he lags behind. With Twitter all the rage, Joe has decided to jump on board.

Joe’s been meaning to do this for some time. Given some sober time between Final Four games and another dreadful Lightning game tonight, Joe decided the time was right.

Some may ask, “Why?” Good question, so did Joe. But there are times Joe’s actually working on something his loyal readers may want to know.

Though Joe will strive not to pull a Tom Jones of the St. Petersburg Times — who Joe likes a great deal — and have an ungodly boring “Here’s what Joe is working on” update like Jones does on video midday updates for the Times, that doesn’t mean readers won’t want to know what’s going on.

(If you have never watched a St. Petersburg Times “Midday Sports Report,” DON’T! It’s beyond dreadful. “The Bucs are holding minicamp today. Rick Stroud will have a story in tomorrow’s paper.” You arrogant slobs call that an “update?!” No wonder newspapers are folding. Trust Joe, you are betting off scraping the fungus from your toenails rather than wasting time watching this tripe. Environmentalists should rightly be outraged over the waste of electricity this is. Just who came up with this concept, John Romano?)

For example, this week Joe heard an interview on Sirius NFL Radio with Sgt. Winslow. Of course, it takes a while for Joe to transcribe the interview and post it. That doesn’t mean Joe wouldn’t want his readers to know a cool interview is coming, or that those with Sirius radio wouldn’t want to be tipped off so they too could hear it.

Joe’s twitter account is, oddly enough, “JoeBucsFan.”

If anyone has any twittering (tweeting?) tips, by all means, please share them.

Joe is sure this will be a bumpy road at first. But Joe aims to please. Apologies up front for any stubbings of the toe.

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