How Drunk Was Mark Dominik?

April 7th, 2009

When Joe heard yesterday that the Bucs signed Sgt. Winslow to a contract extention, it barely rasied an eyebrow with Joe. Then last night, Joe saw the video of BSPN metrosexual Mike Greenberg talking about how the Bucs signed Winslow to an NFL record for tight ends.

Joe understands Lee Roy Selmon’s offered $1.63 beers yesterday. Joe had a couple himself watching baseball and basketball (Joe also took advantage of Selmon’s $.21 wings). But after reading what Mark Dominik coughed up for Winslow convinced to Joe that Dominik had a marathon pouring session himself yesterday.

An NFL record salary for a injury-plagued tight end with bad knees who has only played one full season? As if coughing up a second round pick for this two-bit, wannabe green beret was bad enough! And this Sgt. Winslow, by any sober judgement, is a weak blocker.

Exactly why and how can you make this guy the NFL’s highest paid tight end?

And people think Obama bailouts are beyond the pale!

Six years, $36 million???!!!


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