Freeman “Gets To Watch” In 2009

April 28th, 2009
You want straight talk. You listen to Bucs personnel man and ex-QB Doug Williams.

You want straight talk. You listen to Bucs personnel man and ex-QB Doug Williams.

Doug Williams is a one-man no spin zone.

Joe likes that. How refreshing. He’s like a Glade air freshener over at One Buc Palace.

Months ago the Bucs personnel man and former star QB talked about Antonio Bryant’s need for daily therapy.

Williams now has offered perhaps the clearest insight into the Bucs’ plans at the quarterback position, during a recent chat with the St. Pete Times.

“It’s a perfect situation for Josh. He gets to watch guys like (Byron) Leftwich and (Luke) McCown battle it out for the starter, and he can see it firsthand. One of them is going to take him under their wing.”

Williams says if the Bucs were looking for a rookie quarterback to play this season, it wouldn’t have been Freeman.

“I love Josh, but if we’re looking for a guy to come in here and play tomorrow, let’s get Sanchez,” Williams said. “But ask me who has the most upside, it’s Josh Freeman. Bar none. I’ve seen them all play.

“That’s why I like this pick more than anything. There wasn’t any pressure on Raheem or Mark. I think if you had to take a poll here with Bucs fans and across the country, they said don’t draft Josh Freeman. In meeting rooms, it wasn’t about a poll. It was about who we think is the best guy.”

Here’s what we can take away from Williams comments:
1) Josh Johnson is an afterthought at best, and his touting by Raheem The Dream appears to have been a ruse.
2) Mark Sanchez is better than Josh Freeman, even though Freeman says he’s better.
3) There are no plans for Freeman to see the field in 2009.
4) Brian Griese, who has more starts and wins combined than Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich, is out of the picture and will not mentor Freeman.
5) Mark Dominik and The Dream believe they have complete job security for 2010.

Joe applauds Williams’ candor. The dude said quite a bit in three paragraphs. And Joe trusts him completely.

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