Forget Josh Johnson

April 30th, 2009

Contrary to what Raheem The Dream might have you believe, Vacation Man of suggests Josh Johnson will not be in a Bucs uniform when the regular season begins in September.

In a Bucs mailbag edition, Vacation Man was asked who of the five Bucs quarterbacks will get the ax.

Adam in Jersey writes: Hi Pat — I know the Bucs plan to go to camp with 4 QBs, which probably means that Griese is gone. Looking ahead, do you know if they plan on keeping 4 QBs for the regular season again? If not, since they just invested in Leftwich and McCown, would it mean they are giving up on Josh Johnson already?

Vacation Man: You have to assume either Brian Griese or Johnson will be gone before training camp even starts. My guess is Griese, but I doubt Johnson will make it to the regular season on the roster. I’m not sure why fans got so fired up about him. He was a fifth-round pick.

Vacation Man was the first to suggest that the Bucs never thought that much of Josh Johnson in the first place. Though Joe is all but willing to bet a month’s mortgage that the first odd man out will be Son of Bob. And that transaction could come very soon.

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