Faine Down On Diminished Role

April 23rd, 2009

Feel confident that highly-paid, Notre Dame grad and former Pro Bowler Jeff Faine is the Bucs’ center, surveying the defense and calling all the line shifts?

Well, Joe’s going to burst your happy day.

Faine now says those responsibilities will fall (gasp) to the quarterback in offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski’s new scheme.


Faine spills it during the Behind The Flag segment on Buccaneers.com. And Faine clearly is very skeptical and talks about how there will be major time needed to get it right.

“I don’t know how effective that’s going to be in the first year,” Faine said. “It’s something that’s definitely going to be a transition period.”

Now Joe has to point this out. Sgt. Winslow and Antonio Bryant played with Luke McCown in Cleveland and enthusiastically said McCown is ready for his shot and all that entails. But Faine also used to snap the ball to McCown in Cleveland, why isn’t he spouting how McCown (and the other QBs) can handle making the calls at the line of scr immage?

Where’s the love, Faine?

Good grief. This enough to make any fan queazy.

Joe’s just going to recommend you watch the video and go chill a 12-pack of Killian’s Red.

3 Responses to “Faine Down On Diminished Role”

  1. JK Says:

    Jeff better be careful about what he says. Any negatives at the new direction the Bucs are going in and he could find himself on the outside looking in. If I’m not mistaken he makes more than any of our lineman. Just another reason to dump him. GO CAP CHAMPIONS!!

  2. TonyQ Says:

    Cap Champions. Good one. I was thinking the same thing about Faine myself. Gotta watch what you say around the GLazer mafioso. I’m surprised they haven’t whacked him already. They’ll probably just fire the video guy for posting that video, which was good

  3. MTM Says:

    Cap Champions. You should trade mark that one JK. Yes I agree with JK Faine could become one of the hunted. By the Cap Champions. Known as the Glazers.

    Faine watch your back!