Doubtful Bucs Play In Primetime

April 14th, 2009
Joe doesnt think Bucs fans will hear the phrase moving forward 50 times in one game this year. Its Mike Tiricos favorite saying.

Joe doesn't think Bucs fans will hear the phrase "moving forward" 50 times in one game this year. It's Mike Tirico's favorite saying.

Fours hours until the NFL schedules are released — four hours! Joe is so giddy he almost forgot he has to meet with his accountant to finish his taxes tonight.

(Joe loves his accountant. When trying to determine Joe’s deductible items, Joe’s accountant usually barks at him, “We need more!”)

While Joe will lay whatever he has to pay Uncle Sam on the table, betting that the Bucs will not play on a Sunday night (unless somehow the Bucs go crazy and are “flexed” into a Sunday night game late in the season), Joe’s guess is if the Bucs do play on Monday night, it will likely be a division opponent.

If Joe had to further guess, if the Bucs do play on a Monday night, it will be at Atlanta. That way BSPN will be able to pimp Falcons stud quarterback Matt Ryan.

A real outside shot would be the Bucs playing at New Orleans and Drew Brees.

There’s virtually no chance the Bucs host a Monday night game.

Let’s hear your thoughts Bucs fans. What game might the Bucs play on Monday night?

12 Responses to “Doubtful Bucs Play In Primetime”

  1. Sargeant Mike Says:

    Well seeing that we are a team in rebuilding mode and will be lucky to break .500 I would not want to see us either if I were a fan of another team. They wouldn’t want the bullshit to rub off on them.

  2. Dan Says:

    No games on Monday night brother…………………. lol.

  3. BucFanNJ Says:

    Monday night game? Nah, Cleveland will probably have 3 or 4 games this year. Jerks.

  4. glots Says:

    Don’t be so sure Joe. The Bucs play a bunch of premier teams this season and this is still a big TV market that pulls good ratings for the home team. We might get a home game with the Giants or Jets. Remember we have Derrick Ward in the house.

  5. casey Says:

    Joe you’re losing it. They’ll get at least a game. We freakin finished 9-7 for two straight years. The league loves to showcase black coaches. We’ll get at least one night game on teh sked

  6. crease22 Says:

    I’d surely take the bet if your serious. The Bucs will get a Sunday or Monday nighter to be sure. Thursday would be sweet too

  7. Nick Says:

    The Bucs will probably not get any “love” time this year. We are the most untalked about team in the league. Kinda pisses me off but what can i do. Thats why I love this site because the Bucs get the love they deserve. But like I said, no love and just because we play Sir Brady in England don’t mean its going to be broadcasted nationwide. Bucs fan I suggest getting your Sunday tickets from Directv or Dish because that’s the only way you’ll see the Bucs this year.

  8. Mr Lucky Says:

    If CLEVELAND gets 4 games and 2 on Monday the Bucs should get at least one right?

    Well with a new head coach who happens to be the same race as the Prez and Mike Tomlin I would think the networks will include one game. As an aside how much do you wanna bet the networkds have Dungy give his thoughts about minority head coaches too?

  9. dean Says:

    they didnt even host the mon.night game after winning s.b. against the team they beat to get there.

  10. Nick Says:

    Because the league hates the bucs dean

  11. Joe Says:

    >>> If CLEVELAND gets 4 games and 2 on Monday the Bucs should get at least one right? <<<

    Well, the Browns did get two primetime games.

  12. MTM Says:

    This is typical scheduling for the Buc’s.

    Maybe the NFL thinks ” Hoodie jr” aka Man weenie. Deserves some prime time.

    And it always fun to watch the ongoing decade long train wreck known as the Raiders.