Cowboys Facing Must Win Against Bucs

April 16th, 2009
The Cowboys official team columnist is calling opening day against the Bucs in Tampa a must-win, season-changing game.

The Cowboys' official team columnist is calling opening day against the Bucs in Tampa a must-win, season-changing game.

Joe finds it intriguing and a bit bizarre that the Dallas Cowboys’ official Web site has a columnist, also known as an opinion writer allegedly free to speak his mind.

What a sweet gig for Mickey Spagnola in Big D.

Joe hereby volunteers to be the Bucs’ official columnist. (Hey Glazer Boys, Joe will work for $110 a column and use of Rachel Watson’s old office chair.)

Anyway, what makes this interesting for Bucs fans is Spagnola’s latest effort talks about how the Cowboys’ opening day game in Tampa is a must win that will shape their entire season.

And Spagnola seems to think the Bucs can win it.

Then again, he also writes the Bucs’ quarterback will be Josh McCown. Yes, that’s “Josh,” he wrote.

No respect anywhere for these 2009 Bucs.

4 Responses to “Cowboys Facing Must Win Against Bucs”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    Let’s face it “America’s Team” had a self-inflected implosion that for all practical purposes was worse than the Bucs. I mean the Cowboys were picked to go to the Big Game and they didn’t even make the playoffs.

    Then it comes down to the final game and all the Cowboys have to do is win – and they get blown out by the Eagles.

    I mean Tampa is hard on it’s teams but Dallas has a National audience – Tampa doesn’t.

    I’m SHOCKED that Wade Phillips returned to the Cowboys after last year. Imagine the “shock & awe” that will happen in Dallas should the Cowboys lose to “Josh McCown” and first year coach Raheem…. Now THAT would be a national story – now how the Bucs are doing BUT how BAD the Badboys are…

    Stay tuned…same Buc time…same Buc channel

  2. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey Joe, I thought you’d take 110 a column and a picture of Carmella for that Bucs position – I know I would; woo hoo!!!

  3. MTM Says:

    The Buc’s beating the Cowboys opening game. Would be devasting for Dallas. Jerry would probably usher in Shanahan asap. Then go get
    a face peel.

  4. RastaMon Says:

    Joe certainly has a sharp eye for beautiful women……we’ll know soon enough if Justin is equally talented touting draft prospects…..