Chucky’s Buddy Lured Garcia To Oakland

April 8th, 2009
Chuckys old buddy Paul Hackett helped lure Jeff Garcia to Oakland

Chucky's old buddy Paul Hackett helped lure Jeff Garcia to Oakland

Joe has to give a nod to friend and colleague Josh Koehn, sports editor and columnist at the Gilroy Dispatch, Jeff Garcia’s hometown newspaper in California.

Koehn, to date, is the only journalist to actually speak to Garcia since he signed with the Raiders.

In Koehn’s recent column, Garcia reveals he was lured to Oakland by none other than Paul Hackett, Jon Gruden’s old buddy and mentor. Hackett was Garcia’s quarterbacks coach in 2007, when he made the Pro Bowl with the Bucs. 

Hackett coached Garcia in his first year at Tampa, when Garcia earned his fourth Pro Bowl nod. Ted Tollner was a QB coach in San Francisco and offensive coordinator while Garcia was in Detroit.

“Those two guys have been great influences on my life from a football standpoint,” Garcia said.

“I think if those two coaches aren’t there (in Oakland), I think it may be a completely different story.”

Hackett has a long history in the NFL and is beloved by Joe Montana, who sang his praises in his Hall of Fame induction speech, and Hackett is said to have sold Gruden on Rich Gannon.

Hackett also is loathed by many Jets fans who viewed their former offensive coordinator as the master of throwing for five yards on 3rd-and-6.

Joe is just enjoying the irony of a Chucky guy reviving Garcia’s career.

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