Chucky Ducks Job

April 10th, 2009

Joe can’t blame Chucky for this one.

Former Bucs coach Chucky recently made news when he turned down a head coaching job at Division II Central State in Ohio. Chucky, so reports the Nashua (N.H.) Telegraph, also turned down a job as offensive coordinator at a slighty more reputable program.


In an interview with his hometown paper, new University of Oregon coach Chip Kelly talked about how he offered a job to Chucky, but was turned down.

Two weeks after being fired as head coach of the Bucs, Gruden was voicing his desire to learn the spread offense, in particular Chip Kelly’s spread at Oregon.

Kelly traveled to Tampa this February “to visit him (Gruden) and talk football.”

Kelly said his offer was appreciated, but not accepted.

“He told me he wanted to learn the system,” Kelly said, “but that he just wanted to take a year off from coaching and spend time with his family. I was taking a shot. He’s a great coach and teacher. He’s still getting a paycheck from Tampa, so he can afford to take some time off.”

So it seems Chucky really is serious about learning the spread offense. But Joe is convinced Chucky would be a horrible college coach. Joe’s willing to lay cash that Chucky is coaching the Dallass Cowboys next year.

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