Broncos Ready To Deal Cutler

April 1st, 2009
The Broncos have granted Jay Cutlers wish to be traded, says the Denver Post.

The Broncos have granted Jay Cutler's wish to be traded, says the Denver Post.

Jay. Jay. Jay. Jay. Jay.

Can’t you just hear the chants now at Raymond James Stadium? The Bucs crowd on its feet for Jay Cutler as Tampa Bay scores its fifth touchdown of the game.

Sure, the Bucs trail in this mythical game 47-38, since they have no defensive line. But it’s fun! And fun has been gone from Tampa for a mighty long time.

The Denver Post now reports the Broncos are trading Jay Cutler ASAP. 

Joe believes the Bucs must get in the mix again. There’s no reason to ridiculously overpay. But they shouldn’t have to. The Broncos have lost a little bit of leverage, though the Bucs will have to compete.  

An NFL source said the Washington Redskins are among the leading candidates to pull off a trade for Cutler. The Redskins have a proven young quarterback, Jason Campbell, and would meet the Broncos’ preference of dealing Cutler outside the American Football Conference. The Redskins also have the No. 13 overall selection in this year’s draft, one spot behind the Broncos.

The New York Jets have also been aggressive in their pursuit of Cutler. The Jets, who have extra picks in the third and fourth rounds, are better stocked for the upcoming draft than the Redskins, who don’t have picks in the second and fourth round. The Jets have no proven quarterback with the retirement of Brett Favre.

Joe might take some heat here. But by Derrick Ward’s own admission in this video, the Broncos wanted to sign him just before he inked a deal with Tampa. Perhaps he could be part of a trade.

Denver also is desperate for defensive help, and Joe would consider Gaines Adams or Aqib Talib in a deal for Cutler. Of course, Luke McCown, as well.

Should be fun. Joe can’t imagine the Bucs won’t make another offer.

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