Why Joe Barry Calls Players’ Wives Late At Night

March 26th, 2009

The Bucs have landed a confident linebacker in Angelo Crowell. "I will show them I am a jewel," the recent free agent signing told NFL Radio today.

New Bucs linebacker Angelo Crowell appeared on Sirius NFL Radio’s “The Blitz” with co-hosts Adam Schein and Jim Miller Thursday afternoon.

Among the things Crowell talked about was how Bucs linebackers coach Joe Barry likes to call Crowell’s wife late at night (Crowell explains the method to Barry’s madness).

Angelo Crowell: Tampa right off the game showed a lot of interest in me. I spoke with their pro personnel guy and their linebackers coach. They were interested.

I thought right before free agency, when [the Bucs] cut Cato June and Derrick Brooks, “What is going on down there?”

Then they called my wife’s phone on the first night of free agency. I said to her, “Who is calling you this late at night?” It was [linebackers coach] Joe Barry.

I had a great visit down in Tampa. I met with their defensive coordinator and [Barry] and [Raheem The Dream]. It was a great visit. I like the direction they are headed. They should have been in the playoffs last year.

Buffalo wanted to bring me back. But, nah, it was time for a change. I felt like [Tampa Bay] was the right opportunity and the right time.

Adam Schein: Is there any pressure in replacing Derrick Brooks or Cato June?

AC: No, you can’t replace those guys. But I will go in there and bring in what I bring to the table. I am not tying to be Derrick Brooks. I am being Angelo Crowell. I have special skills. I let it loose. I let it show.

Jim Miller: You have the speed when healthy.

AC: [After describing the chronological history of his knee problems] I am running. I am cutting. I’m running at full speed. I’m thankful know I had the surgery and got it done.

AS: Tell us your impressions of Raheem [The Dream]:

AC: I love him. He has a lot of energy and enthusiasm and he wants to win. You can see the passion all over him. You can see the passion and desire he has. He wants players to play with tenacity.

JM: Is the new Bucs coaching staff exciting for you?

AC: It’s definitely refreshing. They won the Super Bowl. They have been in the playoffs. They have been there. They know that. They just need small pieces to get them over the top.

AS: What about the quarterback situation in Tampa?

AC: I don’t mess with the offensive side but I know they have playmakers from the receivers to the running backs. But I don’t pay attention to the offense, I have to be honest you.

JM: Derrick Brooks was an unbelievable player. Are you living up to expectations because of Brooks?

AC: I’m always living up to expectations. I can never live up to Derrick Brooks. I want to play at a high level every practice and every game and show them what I have. I will show them I am a jewel. I can’t play like Derrick Brooks but I can bring special things to the game.

AS: You are a leader. You walk into a situation like Tampa with so many changes. Do you go in and be one of the guys or do you go in as a leader?

AC: Leadership, all that goes hand in hand. But as a leader, you lead by example. I am not a rah-rah guy. I’m not a guy who does a lot of talking I just lead by example. I work hard for the younger guys. I prepare and play hard. I think guys respect that more: A guy who only says things when need to be said buy prepares well and plays hard.

JM: Now you are in the NFC South. You will be facing Matt Ryan and Drew Brees and Carolina. Your thoughts?

AC: It is a change for me. The AFC East passes the ball a lot more. Besides Brees, you think of Carolina and Atlanta with [Michael] Turner. They want to pound the ball. It’s different than the AFC East. It’s more of a physical game from watching from afar.

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