Vacation Man Gets Mail

March 8th, 2009
Rex Grossman would be a better backup quarterback for the Bucs than Son of Bob.

Rex Grossman would be a better backup quarterback for the Bucs than Son of Bob.

One of the over-the-top hardcore workers of the NFL press corps, Vacation Man of, actually fields e-mail questions. Even about the Bucs!

Let’s just say in response to a question about projected Bucs starting quarterback Luke McCown, the pickings are terribly slim for a decent backup. And no, Joe does not believe Son of Bob is a decent backup unless there’s a vital last minute need for a beer vendor at the CITS.

Devin in Dallas writes: I feel like the Bucs are making some great additions to the team but I still feel uncomfortable with Luke McCown under center…is there any chance the Bucs can get solid QB to lead the team for years to come?

Pat Yasinskas: A lot of Tampa Bay fans share your uncertainty about Luke McCown and that’s very understandable because he’s barely played. But the Bucs have seen him in practice for several years and they must feel good about him if they re-signed him. That said, they’re not done at quarterback. The Broncos have said they’re not trading Jay Cutler, but you never know if that could change. There are some decent free agents remaining (Rex Grossman, Kyle Boller, etc.) and drafting a quarterback is certainly a possibility. From what I know, the Bucs will add another quarterback to the mix at some point.

Joe isn’t exactly sure he would use the adjective “decent” in response to Kyle Boller. But hey, at least Son of Bob couldn’t beat out Grossman, which is why Son of Bob is eating up an important roster spot.

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