Joe May Have (Finally) Figured Out “The Plan”

March 5th, 2009
If the Bucs cant win a minor bidding war with the putrid Detroit Lions over Phillip Buchanon, whats that tell fans about how badly the team is hurting financially?

If the Bucs can't win a minor bidding war with the putrid Detroit Lions over Phillip Buchanon, what's that tell fans about how badly the team is hurting financially?

As Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune pointed out to Dave Reynolds of WFLA-TV on Sunday Sports Extra last week, Phillip Buchanon wanted to stay with the Bucs; the Bucs wanted him.

Yet Buchanon decided to play for one of the all-time worst NFL teams in Detroit (and pay state income taxes, living in a beastly winter climate) for a reported $4.25 million a year for two years.

Joe smells a rat. This transaction means one of two things to Joe:

1) Somebody is conning someone.

2) The Bucs are really short on cash.

Look, Joe isn’t about to sneeze at $4.25 million a year. Shoot, currently Joe would be orgasmic is someone dropped four-grand on him. But if the Bucs really wanted Buchanon (and Buchanon really wanted to stay in Tampa Bay), given the fact the Bucs are so far under the salary cap it’s almost pathetic, this suggests to Joe that damned kickball team in England is sucking capital away from the Glazer Boys.

Dropping the ball on not signing Buchanon for such a relative paltry price is beginning to make Black Wednesday quite clear. Dumping the five players from the payroll saved the Glazer Boys quite a few million dollars, nevermind there is oodles of cap room.

In addition, the Bucs are spending whatever cash they have on offensive free agents because the Bucs seem to believe they will need to play keepaway with the ball and if needed, will have put a lot of points on the board to stay in games.

The way the defense is shaping up, gamblers will want to lay cash on the over for Bucs games in 2009.

3 Responses to “Joe May Have (Finally) Figured Out “The Plan””

  1. JK Says:

    Joe, I hate to keep beating a dead horse but it seems to me other than Brooks all players released or signing else where have Gruden’s stamp on them. The smart money also says that Matt Bryant will not be on the roster when the season starts for the same reason. Look for the Bucs to try and trade Graham as soon as the dust settles on the Ward trade. Ward wanted to be an everydown back so it stands to reason they gave it to him. Again a player that Gruden found in the rough.

  2. Mr Lucky Says:

    Joe Please, please, please cut the Oliver Stone conspiracy stuff will ya? This whole, “The Glazers need money for Manchester U so they’ll steal from the Bucs” nonsense is just that – nonsense.

    If they are so cash strapped how do you explain they bidding close to the #100 million that face stomper got?

    I could go on but let’s be real – the Bucs are being SMART with their money. It’s good business sense.

    Every time the Bucs don’t spend as much as “fans” would like – or God forbid – cut a player that is going to receive too much (aka Galloway) it’s ALWAYS “The Glazers are having trouble paying the bills”

    If that’s it – show me the proof!

  3. MTM Says:

    I don’t see Graham going anywhere. NFL teams realized that a 2 back system works better. Because it keeps the backs fresh and there is always a chance of a blown out knee, high ankle sprain etc… That kills an offense game plan. Not that the Bucs operate the most practical system.
    But I will give Raheem time to gather players. And see where it goes.