THE PESSIMIST: Only Fools Are Down On Cutler

March 18th, 2009
Jay Cutler is practically Superman yet some Bucs fans cant see it, writes THE PESSIMIST.

Jay Cutler is practically Superman yet inexplicably some Bucs fans can't see it, writes THE PESSIMIST.

Bucs fans finding fault with a 25-year-old Pro Bowl quaterback who has all the necessary tools to be a champion is like turning away Carmella Garcia because she didn’t shave her legs.

All together now, RIDICULOUS.

Those nitpicking Jay Cutler should be ashamed. How does one become so clueless?

THE PESSIMIST has resurfaced in disbelief that there are Bucs fans who would rather start Luke McCown under center and keep our draft picks, versus giving up a first, second (in 2010) and possibly a third round pick for Cutler. In case you’ve been vacationing on Mars, Cutler is the 25-year-old Pro Bowl stud QB in question.

McCown is an athletic, nice kid with little experience. If he was a good starter in 2009, it would be a nice little story. It might even help Chucky’s legacy. But if McCown was among the bottom two of NFC quarterbacks, absolutely nobody would be surprised. Nobody.

Cutler on the other hand would put on the Bucs jersey and instantly make them playoff contenders, crappy defense or not. And bring an exciting offense to Tampa that has NEVER been here before.

Cutler is a first round pick (2006). So THE PESSIMIST sees no problem giving up one to get him, as well as a No. 2 and No. 3, if that’s what it takes for a young Pro Bowl QB.

Crap, the Bucs traded two first round picks, two second rounders and $8 million for Chucky. And THE PESSIMIST would say now and forever that it was a good move.

We’re talking quarterback here. The most important position on the field.

Cutler’s also is a proven commodity who has battled through Diabetes, and the extreme pressure of playing quarterback in Denver in the post-Elway era. His numbers are nothing less than fantastic.

The Bucs could search another 30 years to land a QB as good as Cutler and still fail to get one. 

Now THE PESSIMIST loves Joe. But to compare Cutler to Jeff George is apples and oranges. George came into a crappy Indianapolis team and didn’t make them better, and threw a ton of interceptions along the way. Cutler has performed in his three seasons. Period.

So Cutler hasn’t handled the Broncos coaching change and the organization-wide poor communication going on in Denver lately (which has been acknowledged by nearly everyone associated with the team.) Big freakin’ deal. He’s 25.

So he wants out. The guy is hardly a cancer.

Google Cutler and search real hard and you’ll find this story of the guy’s generosity to charities. The kind of giving without him looking for any media coverage of the altruism.

But all that really should  matter is that he’s a great quarterback. And the Bucs desperately need one.

 You get what you pay for.

13 Responses to “THE PESSIMIST: Only Fools Are Down On Cutler”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    With a review of Mr. Cutler you should change your name to OPTIMIST.

    If the Bucs had more DT’s

    If the Bucs had more draft picks

    If the Bucs …

    You get my picture?

    Jay Cutler – as a Bucs fan; just say no!

  2. KyleT Says:

    After watching the Gruden offense for all these years, it would just be incredible to bring in Cutler with this backfield and line. Add one more receiver and we could be like the old Chargers. Fun every week. That’s what the games should be, not like the crap we’re used to

  3. MTM Says:

    If the Bucs some how got a hold of Cutler. It would be the polar opposite of what Buc fans have watched for years. Since I can remember. The Bucs have never had a QB. That any of team would want/envy to have.
    Cutler is that guy. I just think of watching a Bucs game. Where it is shoot out. Because the defense is not as good as the old days. And it is much more offense than defense.
    I could deal with it. It would be refreshing.

  4. Eric Says:

    The Pessimist always gets it. And he gets it again here (more than, say, Jeff Carlson). This is the best young QB in the league hands down. You do what it takes to get him and then build the D back up.

  5. Mr Lucky Says:

    IF and that’s a BIG IF…the Bucs sign Cutler the ONE THING I CAN PREDICT:

    All you people clamoring to bring Jay Cutler to Tampa will be the first to cry foul when the defense gives us 35+ points a game.

  6. Mr Lucky Says:

    So for all you Jay Cutler fans what do the Bucs have that the Bronco’s want?

    How about this trade:

    Jay Cutler for:

    Jeremy Stevens, Alex Smith, Bob Griese and a 3rd round pick?

    In you dreams….

    Denver want’s a QB and not picks/players

    What are the Bucs going to give Denver for Cutler? Come on now don’t be shy.

  7. KyleT Says:

    Give away Clifton Smith, Gaines Adams and a 2nd round pick next year. Let’s play some offense

  8. Sargeant Mike Says:

    I would for once just like to have some real offense. You freaks think the D is only a handful of players away from being on top again but you forget, Monte is gone and so is the Tampa 2. So I think that if we have Cutler we are only 1 maybe 2 players away from a stellar top 10(if I dare) offense. Either way the D is getting rebuilt for Other than Tampa 2. Make it happen. Then pick up Holt maybe even venture to see if Matt Jones has learned his lesson and is salvageable. Ike Hilliard could shore up a #3 or #4 slot and will work cheap. Hell, Jereviscious is available. I only expect a modest defense until Bates gets more of the players he wants. That will take a year or 2 anyway. Jay Cutler could be contracted up as you present and future QB, 10 yrs or so. Just Do It!

  9. Eric Says:

    Mr. Lucky,

    The discussion is whether we want Cutler; not whether we can get him. Two separate issues.

  10. MTM Says:

    How about the Bucs trade Derrick Brooks, Cato June, Joey Galloway and Warrick Dunn. Oh thats right they were just cut.

  11. Mr Lucky Says:

    Justin – Cutler as one of the BEST in Bucs history? Wow and he hasn’t even taken a snap. I thought you were one who didn’t put so much faith in POTENTIAL.

    I wouldn’t be upset if Jay comes but I’m more of a realist on the whole issue. We’ve got nothing to offer Denver

    Plus this whole cry-baby thing with Cutler just rubs me the wrong way.

    But if Kansas City can get Cassell for a 2nd round pick why not try and get Cutler for our 1st and 3rd and have Denver give us their 2nd round pick?

    Throw in Griese and I’m jumping for joy!

    Long story short – it ain’t likely to happen

  12. MTM Says:

    The more Cutler is a distraction to the Broncos. The less it will take a team to get him. McDaniels doesn’t want any more trouble than he already has. The media will start to wear on him.
    I am sure thats what Bus Cook is counting on. Every coach/owner wants to be a hardass when it comes to these situations. The more Cutler holds out. The better the chance the Broncos pull the trigger and trade him. Or maybe they restrucure his contract and pay him more. Either way Bus Cook makes more money.

  13. Abe Says:

    THE PESSIMIST hit the nail on the head. Jay Cutler is a top 5-7 quarterback in the league and of that top 7, he is the youngest. If Jay is officially put on the market, the Buccaneers have to do whatever they can to get him. 1st round picks are guaranteed. Yes, Cutler isn’t guaranteed to be a superstar here either-but at least he’s proven in the NFL.