Ramifications Of Expanded Season

March 27th, 2009

Joe is issuing a hearty “Thank You” to Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of ProFootballTalk.com.

Today Mr. Florio posted a JoeBucsFan.com story on his immensely popular Web site: Glazer Boys Offered Derrick Brooks A Job. So Joe is returning the favor and posting one of Florio’s video reports, this one about ramifications of an expanded NFL season.

Joe is gung-ho for an 18-game season so long as the NFL abortion of a preseason is cut to two games and an additional bye week is added.

(An additional bye would push the playoffs further into February, which will very much please the beancounters of various TV networks, which in turn will add to the NFL’s coffers: Think February sweeps.)

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