Michael Clayton Speaks

March 1st, 2009

Newly resigned Bucs wide receiver Michael Clayton was on WHBO-AM 1040 roughly after noon Sunday and he spoke with co-hosts Jeff Carlson and Steve Kyler about his thoughts on coming back to Tampa Bay.

Below are some excerpts of what Clayton had to say:

“It’s great to still be involved with the guys. Entering free agency I knew where I wanted to be. The starting point [in negotiations] was the deal Michael Jenkins did.

“The things that I am able to do in the running game and the passing game there’s value there. There was interest in me. Not always the best offer at first but it was important for me to explore what was out there.

“In Detroit I got chance to see what other coaches saw in me and how they could use me in their offense. It gave me confidence.

The deal with the Bucs was consummated “right before I was going to Seattle. I’m happy with the deal. There was no need to go to Seattle.”

On the new Bucs regime:

“It’s a new start for everybody. Look at the direction the Bucs are going, they want to be a physical football team. I know my abilities at what I can do as a No. 1 receiver, a No. 2 receiver, a No. 3 receiver, a No. 4 receiver. I’ve done everything under coach Gruden. I’m excited. We can grow together. I like the chemistry with all the young guys who have been successful.”

On the Bucs’ quarterback situation:

“With Luke McCown, he’s never had this many options. Once we get our running backs healthy, it’s going to be a great combination of athletes on the field.

“With Luke, he has all the tools to be a great quarterback. He can throw the deep ball and is a smart guy. He can make all the passes and is an athlete who can tuck and run and he has the ability to be a great pocket passer. We know this is a game of opportunities and he hasn’t had many.

“He gives me a sense of confidence.

“Josh Johnson is a young talent who can make all the throws and when I say he has an arm, he has an arm! He’s an athletic guy as well. Basically, he is smart too. We have great young talent.”

On offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski and Raheem the Dream:

“I am confident in coach Jags’ offense, that it is aggressive enough to put points on the board. I don’t know a lot about the offensive coordinator but I have done some research and he has the ability to develop quarterbacks. At the end of the day it was about Raheem Morris, who I love and respect. I see the direction the Bucs are going and it’s the direction Mike Tomlin and the Steelers are going. I want to be a part of that. I loved Tomlin when he was here too.

“At least now the plays won’t be so complex. There were times when players walked to the line of scrimmage and weren’t sure what they were supposed to do.”

On how he feels about his return to the Bucs:

“I wanted the opportunity; there are still things I want to prove. I love this community, I have a seven-year old daughter in Louisiana and it’s not the best of things to go across the world [Seattle]. I wanted to see her. That was a main decision.

“Now I can work out at [One Buc Palace].”

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  1. JK Says:

    At last, one all pro that wants to play for the Bucs!! HA HA