Is Luke Already The Guy?

March 25th, 2009

Tampa Tribune reporter Anwar Richardson says the Bucs have spread the word to players that Luke McCown has two years to prove himself

It now seems like the Bucs will be completely avoiding a quarterback in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Speaking this morning on ESPN 1040 AM, Bucs beat writer Anwar Richardson, who cashes a paycheck from The Tampa Tribune, gave a brief preview of his upcoming Sunday feature story on Luke McCown.

Richardson said McCown has been told he has “a two-year window” to be the starting quarterback.

Other members of the offense also were  advised McCown will get that time to develop, Richardson said.

Richardson said running back Derrick Ward is quoted in his Sunday feature story talking about how there was a similar edict in New York Giants camp early on in Eli Manning’s career.

Now Joe believes Richardson and knows he’s a sound reporter.

However, Joe does not believe for a second that the Bucs would not deal for Jay Cutler if the price is right.

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